Advice needed on resourcing companys mistake.

I'm not sure how to word this but the company I contract through sent out an email asking all the conctractor in the city to check their details and email it back. Attached to the email was an xls for the P&L for ALL the contractors in the city, including how much they where charging out, over time, how long we had been using them.and other such information. A part from submitting a complaint for this "Non thinking Moment" where do we stand in a legal stance?
Im not one for compo culture but may need a leverage when asking for pay rise.

I have not mentioned company names or locations to be on the safe side.
Am no legal eagle, but might there be a data protection angle... Can you demonstrate any potential losses you might incur as a result of their actions?
Only that if I decide change Projects with in the Client Company and use another Contracting Company, they would already know how much I have earned and how much the other company have charged. Thus the Client Company may not want to offer full wack.
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