Advice needed on pendant!

I’m a newbie and was told to pop on here for some advice
I’ve got this pendant.. it’s been in my family a long time now but I have no idea about it or it’s past! I’m told that it might be military as the bottom symbol is a “broad arrow”
Can anyone give me any advice on it? What year it was made? Is it worth anything? Anything really haha
Thanks in advance!


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An old boy who was in the Navy writes;

"It’s an inspection tag for an upper deck davit on a Royal Navy ship.

The 66 obviously denotes 1966 which is when the item would’ve been out of date for testing. 6/65 being the date it last passed inspection. F&J being the inspecting authority which I believe was the authority for Portsmouth dockyard.

The hole at the top is for attaching it to a chain.

These are made from non-ferrous metal because they obviously get exposed to salt water and sea air.

Not particularly rare, but being from 1966 it’s quite an old one. The modern ones are a slightly different shape and sometimes have rubber edges to stop them rattling."

However given his age, it's possible he may have made that up.

Edit; bugger just seen the above - sorry.


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