Advice needed on my admin discharge

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by leedamians, Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. Hi there

    I hoping there is someone who can advise me on what options I have.
    I am due out of the army in Feb 09 after 10 years(signed off, had enough) however I broke my leg on EX in June and have not started any of my re-settlement and won't be able to until at least early Sept,Leaving me 4-5 months to get it all in.
    I have spoke to my discharge clerk and I have been told that if I don't get it all in by the time I'm due out then that will be my problem and the best that can be done for me, is that they will look to extend me for 3-6 months to get it all done. This is not an option as I have plans to move my family in to a civvy house and my wife is looking for/possibly has work to start this time and my child has a place in school.
    However I've been told that I could be on crutches for considerably longer and need to include re-hab etc ,Hence not being able to do new Job Interviews,first impressions,Me being on crutches,Not good!!.
    Also can I be discharged if I don't pass my final medical,Surely they can't just release me into Civvy street if my leg is not right?
    Cheers in advance for any help
  2. Hmm, that is a pickle.

    Other than speaking to your CoC, and explaining the problems,?

    Why so cut and dry with the dates? You could easily stay in the Army for a bit longer, and allow the family to settle down. Not plan A i know but it works.

    Continue your plans as normal, (ie the Mrs, kid and civvy house) but stay in a bit. Get yourself sorted out, then leave.

    If interviews are going to be a mare, what about signing back on? Give yourself the best shot possibe? Get all the rehab sorted and then leave again.

    Other than that, SSAFA are quite helpful.
  3. Sorry to hear your plight. It's an awful thing to say but make your medically downgraded before you leave. I know you have signed off but you are injured and need to be fixed. I love my forces but do not trust the system. Make sure you are medically downgraded before you leave.
  4. What???????????

    And you would like him to secure employment (decent employment), sometime when.

    The injury occurred whilst serving, get fixed first.

    The Army 'can't sign you off', unless it's a medical discharge and under those circumstances, (if you can demonstrate it was through work), will give you a medical pension.

    58 I can only assume you meant the same but were unable to articulate it. If not, I would liken you to what in folk law mermaids are to ships.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Dont let them push you out regardless of your physical state unless you are unable ever to take the resettlement courses you shouldnt be discharged until fit and resettlement is complete, this may mean an extension of your service which as you havent done 22 shouldnt pose a problem. I agree that SSAFA should be raised asap and also when you talk to throbber the clerk tell it that you arent going anywhere without an interview with its boss or your adj. Push your case and threaten legal action if your rights arent respected. If you have served your time and are entitled to things then stand your ground (or sit looking in pain) until they back down! They should look after you and if the leg was injured on duty they must repair you or discharge with a med pension!
  6. Two things to do as soon as possible:

    1. Speak to the medical officer about what the rules are on discharging you whilst you're still under treatment: it's surprising what can follow from such a talk (and often not to the chain of command's liking, but tough).

    2. Go to the education centre and ask for advice: the rules aren't always as cut and dried as the clerks make out.
  7. As posted above your first port of call should be your IERO who should be able to give you good advice, if it is necessary to extend your service he should be able to help you get things sorted with your unit/RCMO/Glasgow.

    This is from JSP 534 - the resettlement bible and may be of some use:

    Deferment of Discharge to complete GRT Activities
    0350. In exceptional circumstances, when SL have been unable to utilise all of their
    GRT entitlement, for Service, Medical or Compassionate/Welfare reasons, it may be
    possible to defer discharge. The amount of GRT for which a SL is entitled will be taken
    into account in calculating the deferred discharge date. Applications must be fully
    supported and endorsed in writing by the CO. The authority to defer such
    discharges/retirements lies with the single Service manning authorities.
    0351. Where deferment is either inappropriate or impracticable post-discharge
    resettlement may be applicable (see Paragraphs 0703 to 0705).