Advice needed on moving to Canada

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Lamin, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. Guys I am demobed soon after my 22, could really do with some advice on moving to Canada particularly with regards to pensions etc. I am married to a Canadian and have just received my Visa going over at the end of the year.
  2. apologies but.............

    don't eat the pork pies!!
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    My understanding from mates and a very near complete attempt myself is that you dont get index linking to your pension there, not a Canadian issue but an EU one. If Canada joins the EU youwill. However even as a foreign (And you are) ex serviceman you are entitled to veterans plates for your car which gets you some benefits.
    You are entitled however to any benefit resulting from your service as in disability etc and can get this renewed, paid by the nearest High Commissioner to your residence. Have fun and good luck. What you planning on doing and where?
  4. If its in a UK account surely the old pension thing shouldnt be an issue. UK will index link it you take it out of a hole in the wall or other means, jobs a good un.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Taking money out of an account in Canada means that he is not a UK tax payer so is exempt otherwise pays the full amount!
  6. Ouch.
    I was under the impression it was only the UK state pension that got fecked up. Sort of have to come back every now and again to show your face and get the index linking started again.
    Have you got any links etc Ugly?
    I will try and dig out some stuff too for the fella.
  7. i have just come back from Canada after a cracking christmas,also a bit of a recce for when my time is up in 6 years. You will be able to get a mortgage no sweat as the Canadians have a mortgage scheme called''New to canada'' you need just 2% down and sort out your mortgage within a year of arriving .Work is not a problem in western Canada,as it is in the middle of yet another boom.I am sure you know all of this already . Edmonton is a hell of a lot cheaper than Calgary.Pm me if you need any up to date info.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Remember you are taxed here until you die, the same goes for any income you recieve if you live overseas. If you declare non uk tax payer then it isnt an issue but it probably (so I was told) destroys any index linking unless you are EU resident as they are expected to tax you!
  9. Stolen from other websites but they should help:
    If you are after help with regards to moving to Canada, then check out these forums. They are full of really helpful people that have been through it and know what to expect etc etc. Lots of good advice there Lifestyle & Culture:


    About State Pensions
    The Canadian action group on UK state pensions is very active. The latest move is to take the British government to the European Court on the issue.

    Have you read the booklet entitled "Financial Aspects of Resettlement AFPS 75 and AFCS" (May 2005). Part 6 relates to emigration and states:

    Payments of pension can be made by: UK cheque to overseas address, to a UK bank account or to an overseas bank account usign TAPS (Trans Continental Automated Payments System). If one of first two methods are used, the cost of transferring money is borne by you. If method three is used, there are no direct costs to you as these form part of the contract between the Paymaster and the bank that acts as their agent. The amount of pension you will receive overseas will fluctuate in relation to the exchange rates that pertain at the time of transfer.

    The booklet also strongly urges you to seek professional financial advice if you emigrate.

    Hope this helps
  10. Cheers Guys. I am going to Halifax to live in December. I have heard various things about the pension, especially the state pension isnt index linked but the military one obviously is. Mortgage scheme sounds good but I am hoping to be able to put down a 100% deposit!!!
  11. Of course you will still need to pay your stamps (Nat Ins) until retirement if you want a full UK state pension too!
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Haalifax, like snow and the smell of fish?
    buy the xenophobes guide to Canada, seriously the Maritimes take the pish out of the newfies!
  13. Any of the ex Batus lot out there got any tips, or can pass on any good gen about living out there I would appreciate it. I get the feeling that lots of people will be following me over the next few years. Cheers.
  14. I moved over to London Ontario in 94,one thing to watch is your employment prospects,i came over here as an ex OTT(Op Theatre Tech),did my resettlement in a hospital over here,got a job offer, and moved here couple of months later,on arriving found out the O.R manager had died suddenly,and they new people in charge didn't recognise my trade,after fighting to get recognised for three years,i was told by the Ontario Nursing College that i'd have ta go to nursing school for three years to qualify as an RGN,nursing school then informed me that i was not qualified for the course and would have to go to high school for a year,i gave up at this point and now work for an auto dealer,depending where you go you can have a hard time getting uk qualifications to be recognised over here.So just be careful and make sure you have all bases covered before you come over.
  15. We've been talking about it recently, but not too sure about jobs out there. I've got specialist and technical skills and a raft of qualifications (both vocational and academic) and if we do go, I would hope to stay with what I do. My wife is in the same boat with her job and she's due to finish her degree in 2 years time.

    We've absolutely no worries financially here in the UK (small mortgage etc), so cash ways we wouldn't be looking to claim benefits (if they exist over there) if I had to wait a while for a job.

    I am however in reciept of a war pension and free prescriptions. Does anyone know what the score is as far as that would be concerned? Would I have to pay for prescriptions over there if I were allowed in?