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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ITMatt, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm in need of some advice regarding joining as a Systems Engineer.

    I've just had a call from the Army to give me the green light on my number one choice. I'm eager to join, but also worried about the prospects and whether or not the Army will live up to my dreams. At the minute, I am a Systems Engineer for a large bank. I enjoy what I do, but I'm bored of the typical 9-5 routine work.

    My reasons for joining the Army are for the travel, adventure, risk, stability and the prospects.

    It's seems to be impossible to find out what exactly I will be doing in the Army as a Systems Engineer, what equipment I will be dealing with, whether I will be deployed often and if I will see action.

    I'm hoping someone could help with advice, experience or links.

    Please post what you know.


  2. Firstly, good luck.

    I'm not even going to pretend that i know about the sigs in any great detail.

    I will tell you, however, that i have a friend who was in for about 5-6 years who is now earning VERY good money on civvie strasse because of the skills he learned whilst serving. (Something to do with a new system being employed on the underground, which he came across in the army) I hope that enlightens you a little about your prospects. (they are yours for the taking)

    Have you done a "look at life visit?" If not, it might be an idea.

    You've probably seen this info, but i'll add the link just in case. (Clickety Click)

    Thats pretty much all i can give, not much i know, but hey!

  3. You are probably joining one of the best transferable trades in the Army ( In regards to civvy street), as much as I hate to admit it.

    If you have the quals, do it.

    You will have a great time, making best mates, etc, etc,
    do it now!
  4. HTB is right about the job (evening HTB) it is with out doubt the way forward in the Corps and you will, soon as you have completed your training which with your experience you should not find difficult, will soon find yourself on tour.

    good luck and knowledge is the bomb
  5. Hey up chedder, wise words indeed, from a (very) old man :wink:
  6. not that wise HTB as stuck in a tent in the Gan with 4 Sys Eng guys so I know they deploy, and 2 of them its there 3 tour in 18 months
    even an old man like me can work out that????

    my time is nearly done
    so i can hand me bedding in.

  7. Swings and roundabouts my friend, good with the bad, etc, etc.

    Just make sure you tell them you need access to ARRSE, to keep in touch with the news, current affairs, FA Cup etc. :D

    And don't worry about your bedding, they throw all that old stuff out now, in exchange for quilts!
  8. Sounds like you guys highly recommend it.

    I will be giving up a good job and taking a pay cut, but hopefully that will be compensated with travel and experiences I won't get in civi street.

    Just one curiosity is what I will be doing day to day. The very last thing I would want to do is take a pay cut and end up doing the same boring 9-5 (or 8-5) work I do now, especially in a office. I've also heard that they sit you on helpdesk (1st line support), which would be a nightmare.

    Is this something that will happen?

    I want to be a soldier, whilst maintaining my technical skills providing me with a job after the forces.

    Anyone a SysEng here who can advise a little more?
  9. ITMATT, PM Poison Dwarf for info, he is the man in the know.
  10. I will do, thanks heidtheba.
  11. Says the man sat on his deck chair drinking Brandy Sours :wink:
  13. Someones got to do it IRON.

    If it wasn't me it would be someone else :D