Advice needed on Jobsworth off duty copper

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by drain_sniffer, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Right, driving to work this morning, I was cut up on a roundabout by some dick in a white subaru. I flashed and tooted my horn to let said individual know that he was being a dick. Said individual pulls over and puts his 4 ways on, steps out of his car and waves his hands infront of mine. I stop, thinking here we go

    He walkes over to my car, pulls open passenger door and starts fing and blinding at me.

    "Who the f[/b]uck are you" I ask....

    "I am a police officer",says he, "and I am going to take your number and you will be hearing from me"

    Now, I was a little shocked at this. The guy had no ID, and when I challenged him to show me proof, he fucked off back to his motor

    In hindsight, there are plenty of things that I should have said and done, but I did take his reg and I have reported matter to the police of the town I was driving through....


    1. Can a copper pull someone over whilst they are driving in their own car?
    2. He was not in uniform, didnt give me a name or show me proof of ID when asked...That cant be right can it?

    Any coppers on here want to comment?

    edited to add the extra f in off
  2. I'm pretty sure, that like soldiers, they have to carry their ID card with them. And there are situations where even though they're off duty they have to still 'be a copper'. But this guy sounds like a chancer.

    T C
  3. Not a copper, but friends and family are. The guy's a Walt and, given that he's driving a Subaru, probably a lesbian too.
  4. i agree, you carry your warrant card at all times, on duty or not, so this bloke sounds like he was trying it on.
  5. He was breaking the law. Any policeman acting in his capacity (on or off duty) needs to produce his warrant on request. They are required to carry them at all times. He also commited a number of criminal offences in opening your car door.
  6. DS I'm not a copper but from what you say neither was he! A copper would most definitely not have sworn at you in such circumstances. I am guessing that he should also have flashed his warrant at you when identifying himself as such. It sounds like you've had a brush with a complete Tw@tt who thinks he owns the road. I'm guessing that the last time he read the highway code was just before he passed his driving test! Grrr! I hope your local plod catch him?
  7. i am sure i am right in saying that when not on duty a bobby only has the same rights as us mere mortals..

    the minute he stated he was a bobby he should have shown his warrant card to prove his id..

    you really should have taken his veh details and reported the incident to the law at the nearest police station whilst making your complaint..

    we here about incidents were people state that they are something they are not and often with very serious circumstances..

  8. I have reported individual to local police - even iff he was a copper, he cant just surely open my car door and start going off on one as duffdike says....also, if this town has a random cop walt roaming around pulling over anyone he feels like, that cant be good
  9. If he is a copper and is using that to fcuk you around, he's a c0ck. If he is an off duty copper and stops you for a genuine reason he must show you his warrant card/ID if you ask for it.

    I suspect he isn't a copper, just a knobjockey extraordinaire.
  10. Give these people a call for advice.

    What did he mean "you will be hearing from me" - sounds like a threat to me. No warrant card shown, very iffy. I doubt he was a copper, but IIRC it is an offence to impersonate a copper.

    If he is a copper, I reckon the tw@t is bluffing and will not want any complaint raised "officially". I would also suggest that you call back and speak to the Duty Inspector and let that Officer know early in the conversation that you have taken advice from the IPCC.

    Should focus minds.
  11. what really fucks me off, is that for the rest off this morning ive been doing the "I should have said this and told him that" sort of thing...

    If only I could go back in time.....
  12. msr

    msr LE

    It's a police walt!!!
  13. I don't think he was a copper but I don't believe that they have to have their warrant card on them at all times, just when they are on duty. My missus certainly doesn't anyhoo.
  14. That's always the case, the best thing to do is not rise to it, you never know what a cnut like that will do if you give him some banter.
  15. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    A police constabel, in uniform, may stop and report any person for offences committed under the Road Traffic Act, The Vehicle KLicensing Act and several others. Not; a police constable in uniform!
    Most road traffic offences can only be dealt with by a police officer in uniform.
    A constable (and that means any rank or division) must produce his warrant card when requested to do so, or identifying himself as a police officer.
    This prat is either a newly minted probationer, or more likely a walting tw@at. Report any details you have to the police as soon as possible.