Advice needed on how to sweet talk a c/sgt!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Jimmy1880, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I put in my application to join up back in June! It's been a nightmare from the start.

    My medical went of to the quacks months ago. Approx 1.5 months ago I phoned to check progress and was told I've been deferred until the end of December. "Ok" I say, "what does the deferral mean?"

    The reply I got was, "Don't really know, ADSC will send out a letter for you to pick up, it should be here soon"

    Here is where the problems start, I left it for about a week then I phoned to see where the letter is. Answer "Not here yet, I'll chase it up!"

    I have phoned several times since in the past month and a half and I get the same reply.

    Question is; how do I say to the recruiters that I really would like them to get their fingers out their arrses and sort this sh1t out! without causing offense to the rather large c/sgt?

    Also what exactly does a deferral mean? Does it mean after a certain date they'll give me a date for selection? or does it mean after that date I would have to re-apply?

    Any helpful comments appreciated, Any unhelpful comments not appreciated as mummy said I'm a sensitive boy and prone to crying!

    Thank you.
  2. Recruiters cant do anything about medical delays and can only tell you what information they get given back from ADSC med wing. If you are medical deferred or medical rejected you will get a letter of explanation, your recruiter only gets it flagged up on the system but no explanations. If you are deferred you will get a date on the letter explaining the time period you can carry on with the process or start the process again.
  3. sweet talk you dont want to have sex with him why not insult him
  4. Hi The_Iron,

    Ok I can understand that part, with the medical being confidential and so on.

    But my problem is getting this letter thats supposed to explain everything I've been waiting for the letter now for a month and a half. I've been told a few times that it's been sent out but never arrived.

    Is there a contact at the ADSC I can speak to, I really don't want to annoy the recruiters by phoning every day as I realise they are the doorway to my career! At the same time I really need this letter so I know exactly what's wrong and where I stand.
  5. You b*****; I was going to answer "you can't sweet talk a CSgt, so don't bother...." and you have to spoil it with an eminently sensible response.... :twisted:

  6. ok leave it till next week for weekend post then just go in and politely ask him if he could phone ADSC med for you and he may get them to discuss it with you on the phone. As said its not the ACIO who deal with this unforunately.
  7. Sorry mate i was going to say take him chocolate hobnobs but not had a John smiths tonght.
  8. I would think there would be there was one for the AOSB. The recruiter may not like you doing so he may see it as going above his head. (I certainly would but then thats possibly why I am not suited). If he has failed to deliver then and you have repeatly asked then even the army would tolerate it. So yes from what your saying you should. If someone takes offense pretend to be stupid wee laddy that made an error to save there ego or say your freinds dad ex army cnut said to do so. You dont want to look like someone who does not follow procedure or has initaive.
  10. Cheers Iron,

    I'll try that on Monday. Hopefully someone at ADSC will talk with me on the phone.

    Failing that I go into the careers office in drag with a crate of stella and sing Tina Turner songs until said c/sgt falls in love and lets me join regardless!

    I will get in the Army, I will get in the Army, I will!!!!!
  11. Usually a jar of Gold Blend and a packet of Chocolate Digestives can work wonders, especially if he is of "thin" build.
  12. Oh thats not fair they should be given to the sturdy type bloke like me as Ive got more of a body to maintain.
  13. Iron you are the type that would get a slab of beer and an invite to grab a pew. Any subbie that came into the store would be duly humiliated and sent packing.
  14. Abbreviate his rank correctly.... c/sgt :x
    would be a good starting point ......CSgt

    And the previous advice his right you can't sweet talk a CSgt unless your the the 19 year old blonde female clerk in .....eeerrrr :oops: