Advice needed on gender reassignment

Just contact 3 Para Mortar platoon and ask for "Betty". ;-)
I accidentaly had anal with a ladyboy once when I mistook her for a real woman... tell you what though... didnt half make my ring sting!! ..
If this isn't a wah then a simple search will point you to the right people on Arrse who will be able to give you good advice.

There are childish people on here, including myself, will tell you to man up and grow some balls! :D

Good luck!

ps. Show us your rat when you've had your cut and shut.


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Bearing in mind you joined in 2006, have you not logged on since?
I guess that will teach me to leave myself logged into ARRSE after pulling a blinder on my mate's facebook the day before!


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Of course you did.

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