Advice needed on Cheap to Run Car

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by brecon_billy, Dec 6, 2008.

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  1. Right then. Some serious advice needed here. I've just been promoted in my civvie job which means a move in Office turning a 1 mile commute into a 90 mile round trip every day, 5 days a week.

    Now my current car simply ain't suitable enough (1995 1.8 VW Golf Petrol) as the MPG sucks at 32mpg.

    So I need to buy another one. Now here is the catch. I don't want to get credit to buy one (nor do I have a credit card to fund the purchase) but instead am looking to pay cash (upto £2000). I am paying cash as I found it hard applying for credit due to my patchy address history (moved 4 times in under 3 years).

    I don't really care what it looks like as I believe a car is just a car and is simply there to get me from a to b and not some type of status symbol.

    I have my eye on the Renault Clio 1.5 DCI's at the moment from around 2000-2002.

    But seeing as I know possibly feck all about cars I wonder if anyone else has got any advice on what to get.

    The main requirements are:
    Good MPG
    errr thats about it!
  2. Clios fall to bits mate, although will be cheap. Can be expensive/impossible to fix. The ex-Doris had one and twas a mare (the car AND her) :D

    02 Seat Arosa diesel
    02 Vauxhall Astra 1.7 DTi ECO 4 w/aircon
    02 Fiesta 1.8 diesel
    02 Rover 25 TDi

    These are dealer prices. Dealer's are skint at the mo, so wang the Golf through the auction/small ads or keep it. Then, go to your chosen dealership with a big handful of folding and ask for a 10% discount for no trade-in. If he even starts to haggle, walk away, but leave your phone number. The country is awash with unsold used cars.

    Good Hunting!
  3. I went to an auction in Newport Gwent last week and there were lods of cars not making the reserve, with readys in hand you will get a bargin good luck
  4. Yep, auctions can be a very cheap way to buy, but it's buyer beware. If your new purchase blows a ring 3 days after you buy it, you're on your own. Given that he needs a car for his new job, buying from a dealer will get you a min. of 3 months warranty. Aftermarket warranties are a good idea too.
  5. Brecon_billy may I suggest that you seriously consider a Japanese


    A Toyota or a Nissan may be just the thing that you need. They are

    superbly engineered and will run for years.

    I know that a lot of blokes still are anti Jappo, but it does not make sense

    in this day and age.

    I have a friend who runs a Toyota Corolla she bought in 1985 that now has

    250,000 kms on the clock but still runs like a sewing machine.

    If you're not bothered by ego, try one.

    Good luck with the new job.
  6. I got a corsa 1.2 16v does 420 miles on a 40 litre tank, good at motorway and pootling around town its a w reg so parts are plentiful and cheap
  7. The Japanese pecking order for car reliability goes:

    Never break:

    Might possibly break:

    Guaranteed to break:
  8. copepod

    copepod Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    A bit of a tangent, but in addition to investing in a new car, you could also consider car sharing, either through your company or through a liftshare website eg
  9. Dear Billy do you live in Brecon, if so get down to the VALLYS,NEWPORT orCARDIFF were there are so many car dealers for 2 grand you should get a cracker
  10. You can get a diesel Laguna or C5 for that money, but they're not reliable enough (with about 70,000 on clock).

    Rover 45 diesel isn't a bad bet - less likely to die than a french car. If you're doing 90 miles a day you want something comfy, so going to a really small car may not be the best idea.

    Main issue is reliability - you want to go Jap, but their diesels from then are shyte. French were the only ones making very good diesel engines, but they'll eat a turbo every 70k, need suspension working every 50k, ECUs, clutches every 30k etc

    A ford focus 1.8tdci will start at about £2500 for an 02 reg with 70k - they're very good cars and will do 50mpg. You may be able to get them to discount.

    Going smaller a 1.4tdci Ford Fiesta with about 80k (02/03) will be just under £3k, though i doubt you'll get a discount the size of £1k! Will do 60mpg though.
  11. Oh! and Billy, if you live in Brecon, would you mind telling me whether

    the Royal Welch Fusiliers Depot with its Keep, still exists.

    I did my Lance Jacks course there in 1957. It would be great to know.
  12. The 24th foot depot was in Brecon Keep and is HQ Wales, Dering Lines is a mile down the road
  13. Trooper. I walked out the gate in 1965, I can't remember all those

    numbers. Please elaborate old son. Is it still there?

    I had a great time, still have legs like tree trunks from all those hills. :D
  14. IT's still there in the Whatten, the old A40 out of Brecon , was there last month
  15. Thank you Tropper, I am very pleased to hear that.

    MOD seems to have destroyed so much of its history.

    If you are ever passing and you happen to have a camera and a few

    minuted to spare, a photograph would be a godsend for the reminiscence

    of an old bloke. :D

    Bit of a cheek I know, but if I can reciprocate, I am more than willing.