Advice Needed On Bergens

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by HeavyHorse, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. I am looking for a new bergen for civvie use and was hopeing to get some recommendations.

    I've been looking for something around 60L to 65L main sack capacityy, with a minimum of straps zips and flaps ect; just a straightforward sack. It must have a good suspension system and ideally be capable of taking PLCE side pouches (securely) or something similar.

    I definately don't want it in DPM or any other cammo, nor do I want anything too warry looking like SAS or Para bergens / ALICE packs.

    On the other hand I don't want bright day glo civvie colours either. Olive green or similar would be ideal, or failing that any other subdued earth colours.

    Up to now I've looked at the following:

    Karrimor Saber 75L
    Little big for what i want, and I'm not sure how good the suspension system as its the same as there smaller rucksacks rather than the AB system on their larger ones??

    Karrimor Saber 60L-100L
    More straps, zips and flaps than a gimp suit. Don't want that expansion system...Like the waist belt ect though.

    Rocket Pack
    Too short for me, and short on capacity with a 40L mainsack.

    Berghaus Cyclops
    Too large...Over 100L I believe? Not keen on the hip belt/suspension system.

    Alpine Lowe Salient
    Not seen it close up but I suspect smaller version of this would be ideal...

    Not seen one of these in the flesh...they do one that has an 85L capactity including the detachable pockets which would be about the right size. Still alot of zips ect and straps, but looks promising...Anybody used one? Any comments on quality ect?

    As I want it for civvie use, compatibility with webbing ect is not an issue nor is IRR...I'm hoping to use it for a backpack hunting trip to New Zealand sometime in 2008 & I will need to carry enough kit to keep me in the field for between 3 and 5 days max.

    Anybody recommend anything else out there that might work? Would prefer something available in the UK not special order from the States...
    Do North Face produce a military rucksack?


  2. I presume the need for the side pouches is so you can from a detachable day sack? Have you looked at simply getting a normal civi rucksac and either having one with a detchable lid to haveing a very light day sac inside? (e.g. 's Gordon sac)

    I also don't get the need for olive green, most (not all) civi packs I've come across arn't briht colours.
  3. Had a look at one of these a while back. I quite liked the look of it, and it seemed to sit very well (decent waist belt, and shoulder straps too!)

    I didn't buy it though, (it was in Flecktarn), so I cant say much about quality, or durability.
  4. The Lowe Alpine "Salient" is excellent. I've used one for many years, and cant fault it. The design may have changed slightly, as I think mine is 65-80 litres, but in all other respects, its identical to the current model.
  5. MacPac stuff is superb. Mine is about 70 litres, I suppose.The whole set up is excellent and the waist belt takes most of the weight. Troopers of Colchester sewed a couple of Pod side pouches on it for me, which gives a bit more capacity.

    Mine had a lot of fluorescent red about it, but I toned it down with black shoe dye, which turns it a sort of rust colour once it has weathered a bit.

    In any event, try Cotswold Outdoor for a good range of stuff.
  6. I had Dragon Supplies make up a bergen for me as a special order. It is built on an old 351 radio frame, with provision for side pouches. Colour is plain green.
  7. Sandmanfez,

    Whats the lid like on yours? I think the currents have a dettachable lid which I assume you can use as a day pack or similar??

  8. Looked at the Macpac stuff today as a matter of fact...Expensive, but looked very high quality..I like the idea of removable side pouches, but never realized there were outfits that did work like this...Its a long time since I've been in the loop! :eye: