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Hello , I have recently past ADSC with a grade A and I am in the process of applying for an Ammunition Technician. I have read online and through the careers office and I have info on the job and the basis of what I will be doing. My problem is that a lot of people at ADSC brought up the phrase ' Blanket Stacker' . I did not really understand this so thats my first question if any one can help. Many people have also said that it will be a boring job and i wouldnt enjoy it. Im an active person, im constantly playing different sports and doing different things. Im now just a bit scared that if I go for this job I will not like it and will regret it. Im just looking for some advice please if any one can help. Thanks very much.
! dont use your real name on here.
Blanket stacker=storeman


Just read all through this forum for an opinion on all trades. Then take a very large pinch of salt!
When I did my AT course years ago we were first trained as Storemen later renamed Supply Specialist, commonly called in the Corps "Blanket Stackers".
The main reason was that if for some reason we failed the course or were later remustered ie removed from the AT trade then we would have a trade to fall back on.
Feltcher, if you can't find the Info you need from the 2 million threads on AT on this site what chance have you got of finding IEDs in the STAN!!

How many more "Need info on AT trade" questions do we need on this site!!!
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