Advice Needed - Mortages


I am looking to buy a house (to let out), and am now fishing around for mortgages. I seem to remember a while back, some bloke told me that there were certain banks/building societies, that would do military 'buy-to-let' mortgages, at standard mortgage rates (not the buy-to-let rates which generally involve at least an 85% deposit and a fixed rental price).

Can anyone point me in the right direction, as i'm damned if i can remember who these banks/building societies were!!

Also, is it right that you can get the Army to pay some of your solicitor's/legal fees?

Thanks in advance,


Rightly or wrongly I'm using Alexander Hall for mortgage assistance, online company who seem to be able to access most of the mortgage market.

Always been very helpful when I've spoken with them and they don't phone me up every two minutes to find out what's going on, they obtained my mortgage in principle and basically have left me to find the property with only courtesy calls monthly, all best,


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