Advice needed - I have been rejected.

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So I've been going through the motions of joining up for around 3 months now as a regular soldier with the parachute regiment being my primary choice. I've done everything so far via e-mail and online, I've filled out various forms and done a few tests, I haven't actually spoken in person to anybody yet other than a couple of phone calls I've made to answer general questions.

anyway, I recently filled out another medical form, this one was only a page long, everything was fine except that I was prescribed an inhaler around a year and half ago, as a result I've received an e-mail yesterday saying I'm no longer eligible for the army.

The inhaler was only prescribed as a precaution by my doctor after I went to see him, as I had a sleepless night due to a chesty cough and minor breathing difficulties and needed a doctors note to justify taking a day off work. The cough and 'difficulties' cleared up on their own within a matter of a couple of hours, I never used the inhaler once and never experienced any other issues with my chest or anything related, the inhaler remained in its packet unused and its current whereabouts remain a mystery to this day.

i was wondering if there's anything I can really do about this, the e-mail said I have the right to appeal in the form of a letter from my doctor but usually the appeal process is unsuccessful. Would it help if I went to my local AFCO and explained the situation to them face-to-face? My doctor is being very unhelpful as expected and is telling me the army needs to contact them first ETC ETC. A friend of mine has been through PARA training and said I can do something called a sprocket test, where I wear a mask and ride a bike to prove lung capacity???

I'm doing 3 miles running every day, and ill be doing 5 miles per day by the end of the month, I do a ton of swimming and walking with backpacks and such, I solo backpacked through SE Asia earlier this year, its safe to say I'm very active and I haven't had any issues with asthma since I was a child, the only reason I even admitted to previous troubles is because its on my medical history and I didn't want to lie about it.

sorry for the wall of text, I really have my heart set on the army and I'm desperate to not be ruled out completely over nothing, I've been training every day for months, its really the only focus I have.

i appreciate any advice.


- had a couple of asthma attacks as a child
- was prescribed an inhaler as a precaution a year and a half ago, never needed or used it
- have been rejected by army over e-mail for this reason
- run 3-4 miles a day, walk/swim/backpack regularly, very active
- looking for ways to help prove I can hack it basically
- something about a sprocket test
- any help appreciated
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