Advice needed from someone serving in Army Air Corps

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by gsxrcbr, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. Information needed from somebody serving, about what the job entails, but due to previous employment in the forces I'd prefer to remain annonymous..So I can explain a few things via PM about personal circumstances. The job title is 'Aviation Groundcrew Specialist'
  2. Would Blair be OK? We need to send the little tw@t somewhere.
  3. Gizza clue?
  4. Would Blair be OK? We need to send the little tw@t somewhere.

  5. gxzbyqr, or whatever, suggest quick edit of thread title, plus a clue on WTF you are after. Just a suggestion of course.
  6. What job? Groundspike? Sky God? Bowser Mong? RSM?

    You're not making things easy for us.

    BTW, go back in and edit your thread title again - it is Army Air Corps, and we're rather proud of it.

    Then come back with some more info and you might just get what you're looking for.

    Fancy naming yourself after two crap bikes. Sure you still want in?
  7. Crap? no way..Sure, I'd like an MV augusta, or a 999R duke..but chances of ever affording one? nil.
  8. Who is this nosher? Dont think (s)he's bright enough to drive the runway sweeper :roll:
  9. Uhh, whatever you say.
  10. You're just going to get the rip taken out of you if you don't give a little more clarity on what you're actually after. I can understand you being reluctant to reveal where/what you're doing at the moment, but it shouldn't have that much bearing.

    All seems a bit fishy frankly. Still don't know what you want to know.
  11. gsxrcbr have you tried here (army careers) to see the official line on what it involves.
    you do need to clarify what type of info you're after,for example do you want some insider hints and tips on the AAC or are you after some sort of sales pitch?
    Let me know and i will try to help.