Advice needed from RLC drivers

Discussion in 'RLC' started by slick84, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. I've just been given a 12 month driving ban for being found over the limit. Can any RLC personnell tell me how this is going to effect my operational effectivness? I'm due to be returning to iraq Commanding a 432, is this still possible? thanks
  2. Firstly take your banned licence add a sprinkle of less X factor on your pay add a hint of no promotion for at least 2 years and keep in the oven until throughly burnt. Jobs a good un.... from a master driver who was a chef
  3. We have had a few guys banned for various reasons - they are invariably taken away from driving related duties (such as commanding) and put in the stores or MT servicing bay. You will still deploy and clearly it will affect your operational effectiveness, so be prepared for a comment on your SJAR/CR.

    The best you can do is turn this unfortunate episode to your advantage by being the best at whatever it is you end up doing - it shows that you are still willing to try despite your shortcomings.
  4. cool thanks xx
  5. I think everyone also forgot to say........drink driving...........You cnut
  6. So you now burn clutches instead of water?
  7. Yes would you like chilli sauce on that sah?
  8. Or is it one mallet with that CES not two :D
  9. I'm not sure about your ability to Command a veh as i'm not up on the JSP, but you have seriously dented your unit's operational effectiveness, and , as such, have now made it harder on your mates to perform their collective role in theatre.

    Well done. :x
  10. You d1ckhead.

    Edited. Not you Frankie!
  11. First of all you CANNOT command without a driving license.

    Secondly you're a complete tosser for putting other people at risk by being over the limit and causing your unit grief by having to replace you!!!!
  12. Seconded
  13. Brave or naive to venture out here mate. You get the feeling that no-one has too much sympathy for a drunk who might have crashed his car into theirsor taken the life of an innocent through their own selfishness and stupidity. Command a 432? I doubt it!!
  14. Thirded! (Best get used to washing pans and stacking blankets mate!)
  15. Feck off! We are not having him in the RLC.