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Looking for advice on how to clean up my PC. Every time someone sends me a photo by email and I open it up the PC also displays masses of photos, pics from adverts, pictures from other websites etc. Some of these photos I recognise (porn!), but most I dont. I have looked in the internet temp folder and it is empty. How can I cleanse the system of these unwanted pics from my PC? :?


ITjobless said:
for gawd's sakes what a state ! where are u royalmile ? you need proper help me boy


You're right itjob. I dont think its a virus, I just think that everytime I look at a webpage that images are being downloaded onto my system. When I open an emailed picture the PC then displays these unwanted images as well. If I delete them from the slideshow and then reopen the pictures I get another mass of images again (sometimes a couple of hundred). Like I said in my first post, some of these I recognise from webpages others I don't.

I'm based in the land of the hun, so any advice on how to cleanse the PC would be much appreciated
This is not a 'problem'.
It's perfectly normal behaviour.

When you open an image sent to you in an email, your pc copies it to your temporary internet files folder so it can display it.
You have your system set-up to display pictures in a program that shows you a slideshow. This program will always open with the picture you chose to open & will always make the contents of the folder available as a slideshow.

There are 2 ways you can overcome this percieved problem :-

1. Set your system to open images in a different program (Paint or Internet Explorer for example).
2. Instead of double clicking on a picture attachment in an email to open it, first right click it & save it to your desktop (or 'My Pictures' or anywhere you like), & then double click on this saved file to open it.



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