Advice needed from a Doc!

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by BlueDZ, Feb 5, 2011.

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  1. After being downgraded for 12 mths after slipping a disc I had a med board a few days ago, I was graded P7 last Feb and then to P3 (T) in Sep. The board said my P3 grade would stand because of what my injury was however from looking at my notes and an examination he made out my Appendix 9 to say I can deploy, carry infantry weight, do pre dep trng etc. Only stipulation was a MRA. MY CO has stated he does not want to risk it by deploying me, even though Doc says I can. The question is can a CO do that or can I contest my grading? Doc said I'll always be P3/MLD due to slipping my disc, however this will effectively end my career, do I have any other options?

    Ta in advance.
  2. Can the CO chose not to take you? Yes

    Can you contest your grading? Yes (but don't be suprised if the answer remains the same).

    Do you have any further options? Yes (transfering may be an option)

    But transfers are closely contested now and if there are no Corps/Arms prepared to take you in your current grading then it may lead to discharge (although this would be a medical discharge rather than an admin discharge).

    Of course the final option is stay where you are and not deploy in role again................with the injury you describe, maybe that is no bad thing??

    Your best bet is to go back to your RMO and see about a second opinion, then take it from there.
  3. BDZ,

    You are entitled to appeal the decision of the medical board. All you need to do is complete an Appendix 20 of PAP'10 and submit via your CO. It all depends on your current level of function. Refer to Table 7 of PAP'10 for functional requirements of each grade. The advice on the Appendix 9 seems a bit contradictory. Not knowing full details of your condition makes it difficult to comment, but I would certainly consider appealing. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  4. Thanks Rooster, might well do that, in a nutshell I slipped a disc last Feb, MND straight away, up to MLD(T) Sep and 2 man board last week. The Col who saw me said he was confident I have now recovered enough to deploy fully to out to FOBS and PBs but wanted to keep me MLD so they can MRA me before I go. My CO stated hr will only deploy fully fit, so I'm afraid I'm now on the next posting plot :( hey ho!
  5. So are you P3 permanent now then??