Advice needed for Clock radio iphone connected thingy

Right, this is completely the wrong place to put this but I can't find a electronics forum part of ARRSE so here it shall go till a MOD shouts at me and moves it...

Anyway. I'm in the market for a bedside clock radio thing, that also handily docks with my iPhone and charges it overnight, as well as not interfering with its signal, me being a popular chap with many many.... well a few.....well, a friend who may want to get in touch with me.

I have browsed, persused and generally had a look around the interweb and decided on one of these - however, I thought i'd see if anyone on this august site has anything that they can add advice wise, or if anyone has experience with any of these things.

Thanks in advance...

Advanced MP3 Players Pure Siesta iDock DAB and FM Clock Radio with Dock for iPod/iPhone

Revo iBlik DAB+ Radio with iPod Docking Electronics |

Mobile Phone Accessories - Orange Accessories

SONY ICF-C1iPMK2 Speaker Dock at low prices | Dixons - my personal choice, so far
We've got a Pure Chronos, it's a bit bigger than the Siesta in your link but I imagine the internal gubbins are the same. It's a cracking bit of kit and does all the stuff you specified. It self-tunes to whatever DAB stations are in range as soon as you power it up, the clock keeps it's time from the RDS signal and it has multiple alarms which you can set to be DAB, iPod or beeps. You get adaptors for about 7 or 8 different iPods/iPhones in the box too, which is nice. The only 'fault' that I can think of is that the speakers have a tiny amount of distortion when Mrs Girlfriend cranks it up full whack whilst she's doing the hoovering.
Young officers in the RN have no need for alarm clocks. You will either be awake already or the QM and Mr DC lamp will shake you.
You will more than likely be awake already though:)
OK you want to charge your I am a sheep who buys what everyone is buying phone and wake up to some inane cnut on radio one with a fully charged phone in case your mate texts you asking what time first parade is and can you pick him up from dirty gerties at number 30? simple answer.
1. Use the supplied charger cable with your phone.
2. Buy a cheapshit clock radio from tesco for a tenner instead of some piece of crap made by a company that wants to cash in on steve jobs expensive piece of crap by making a piece of expensive crap to go with the piece of crap you bought so that you could like a cool and groovy person with an expensive piece of crap that goes with another piece of expensive crap that you bought because all the rest of the sheep were buying steve job's expensive piece of crap and save yourself some much needed beer tokens that you will be able to put to much more worthwile cause such as buying a hot piece of pussy a drink that will get you into her hot pussy and ram the shit out of her until she is red in the face. Or you could be a twat and buy an apple i-cock station.

Choice is yours.
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