Advice needed - Fleas in SFA

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by jimnicebutdim, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. We've been living in SFA at Northwood for a couple of months now. Ever since we moved in the kids have been bitten by insects.

    At first we assumed that it was gnats or mossies or something like that. However I found a flea on my hand today.
    We have NO pets, nor have we ever!
    The quarter was in a sh1t state when we marched in (my 14 observation form took up to pages of A4), including some serious issues of cleanliness.

    Now, here is the really annoying bit.
    MHS has informed me that a) because I have informed them after 14 days it is my responsibility, and b) it will cost me £57 to have a contractor to come out and clean.

    Is this legal? Can they do this? How can they say it's up to me to get rid of fleas that were in the quarter before I marched in?

    Any help that you can provide will be really helpful.

    Many thanks
  2. Go straight to the health and Safety executive mate. Then Report MHS. I have the JSP at work I will let you know which one it is!...good luck.
  3. They can be dealt with for about £30 with a couple of cans of flea spray from an vet's.

    Follow the instructions and repeat after about 21 days (I think but read he tin) Works a treat.

    Oh, and write to your MP for your home town with a copy of the letter to the husing people and your Commanding Officer.

    I bet they sort the fleas out then.
  4. We got the local council to do ours for about £20, they come and do it again for £0 if the fleas persist
  5. Probably too late for advice now, and you aren't going to like this response (I agree it is annoying, not to mention the associated health issues) but this is legal and they can do this.

    Sounds like you have the previous tenant to thank for this situation :!:

    Just as if you were a civilian tenant, you occupy the property under an agreement (the 'licence to occupy' in this case). Since the problem was reported after the 14-day period, it is now 'your problem' and not theirs.

    You do have rights as a tenant, hence the offer to sort out 'your problem' using their contractor, but I would shop around regarding the £57, you may be able to get it cheaper elsewhere (local councils usually provide a subsidised service) or if you're happy to do it yourself (as already suggested).

    HSE will deffo not be interested. Local MP might be, but I suggest your wife writes to avoid embarrassing interviews with your chain of command.

    In a nutshell: your house, therefore your fleas (now), therefore your problem. Sorry :oops: :oops: :(