Advice needed - ebay stolen item

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pompey, Mar 28, 2011.

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  1. All advice welcome, though sensible ideas appreciated(!) I had my beloved road bike (cycle) stolen around Christmas and thought I'd never see it again until this weekend when it popped up on ebay! The seller showed enough photos for me to recognise it was mine and it is a fairly rare brand in the UK. I was 100% sure it was mine and the seller is pretty local, so I contacted ebay and the police and they're not doing a great deal to be honest. Local police said they will contact ebay and see what they can do but sounded doubtful and said it was unfortunate the bike had no security marking or post code stamps (I know, I fault! I haven't even got photos of it). So it could be my word against his, although he seems dodgy and has sold about 6 bikes in the last 5 months. But not sure the police will take this much further. Here's where I need the advice - I got my brother in law to bid on the bike and win it. He emailed the bloke and said he'll pick up in person and pay in cash in the next few days. All agreed. We're thinking of chosing a neutral place and just confronting him. I'll say "give me the bike and walk away and that's that" and maybe he'll think he's got off lightly OR I'll be more than happy to call the old bill, get them over and sort it out - at least they'll get his name, details and maybe they'll take the bike away while investigating it?? Obviously we'll resist the urge to lamp him one and take the bike in the real possibility he didn't know it was nicked and I end up in a cell. Anyone got another strategy? Open to suggestions. I just want my property back. Cheers in advance.
  2. The bloke who has it up on ebay may not be the one who stole it. You have to be able to prove to the seller that it is yours and that it's stolen property. Be prepared for the rozzers to get involved.....or just stick the head on him and take it :wink:
  3. You cannot pass title to stolen goods.

    Problem will be PROVING its yours.
  4. your boke properly.

    Have you informed him that it is your bike, and that you have informed the police? Perhaps he will hand it back over to you? You vcould try and bluff that there is some microdot proof on it, and he may fall for it, but you're up shits creek if he calls your bluff.
  5. That's definately the problem I have - no proof. I know's mine, I've cleaned every inch of that bike to recognise it and I doubt there's another model with those specs in the country. BUT still no proof I own it. I bought it off a Triathlete about 3 years ago and trying to contact him as he may have photos or serial numbers. Only thing I do have is feedback on my ebay account from 3 years ago from original seller that confirms I purchased that make and model and also my report to police this christamas when nabbed from shed!
  6. You should use that feedback, it sounds like that's your only hope.

    Good luck on this mission, friend.

    Play up Pompey!
  7. my advice...IF you get it back, take LOTS of photos from every angle with you in those tight little shorts and post them on here! That way we can all vouch for you should it get pinched again!
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  8. Cheers Royal.


  9. I will, pump included!
  10. So you bought a pretty rare specialist triathlon bike, and didn't bother to tag it or label it in any way shape or form so that it could be id'd by the cozzers, never even took any pictures for insurance purposes. I ride a fairly average GT off the peg bike, and even then i've got my details on a slip of paper in both the handle bars and seat post. As well as stamps and pictures. You've got absolutely **** all hope!
  11. Don't want to be nosey and private at all, but if it cost a lot then you might want to take the argument up with something more... extreme than the police. Being in the armed forces (i assume) could help, i dont know.

    (six points to go!)
  12. Aah, lovely bit of advice, PapaGolf, on what is quite an important thread for somebody.
  13. Coppers are useless ***** and are only really interested in easy cases to solve or where money will go into the governments pocket (fines). Ebay are useless ***** as well and are only interested in making money. I'd put the **** in hospital and walk away with my bike.
  14. its possible you'll find yourself in the small claims court- you can't prove the bikes yours and yet you've entered into a contract to purchase it from this lad

    and thats if your lucky, if he turns up with bike and you take it with threats of violance you could be done for robbery
  15. I'm couting on the fact he stole it or definately knows it's stolen (has sold half a dozen others in as many months) and will do anything to stop police involvement. If I dont threaten him but say I'd be happy to get police in for a chat if he wants. I'm hoping he doesn't want his collar felt and would hand it over.