Advice Needed - Driving from BFG to South of France

Next weekend I am driving to the South of France with my first stop being at Nice Airport.

Last year I drove down through France all the way and ended up paying a small fortune in tolls and petrol.

This year the plan so far is to drive down to the Freiburg area and stay overnight and then travel on in the morning having filled up using petrol coupons.

The question is:

Am I better off crossing into France in the South of Germany and driving down paying the tolls or would it be cheaper to drive down through Switzerland/Italy. I have heard that you pay a one off charge for driving through Switzerland of about 30 Euro and that this charge allows you to use their roads for a year, I have also heard that the rest of the journey through Italy would involve no tolls and I would only then have to pay one small toll in France. If this is the case then I believe that this would be the most economical way of doing the journey.

I have as I said however only "heard" this information and would much rather seek the advice of fellow arrsers than believe workplace rumour.

Can anybody please advise me or point me in the right direction?

Whichever way you go, if you want to travel on an autobahn, you are going to have to pay.
Arguably the fastest route from Freiburg area (about 6h), is through Switzerland (Euro 30 for the vignette but valid for the whole of Switzerland until end Jan of the following year), Luzern, Lugano; then in Italy: Como, Milan Tangenziale (ring road), Genova, Ventimiglia; Nice.
More expensive, but for my money a nicer journey, is Freiburg, Basel, Berne, Geneva, Mont Blanc (expensive for the tunnel), Aosta, Genova, Ventimiglia, Nice.
If you are going to pay the Swiss vignette, you may as well use their autoroutes to the max.

True, once you are in France, the toll from the Italy/French border is small but, then, it's not very far.
Thanks for the advice, as I will be travelling alone (unless Helmand and Jodie come with me) I am not that worried about the scenery. The first of vignettes routes sounds to be the best option for me. Austria is a little out of the way when travelling down from my direction.

Gotta go and see if I can offer the bears a nice hol now.


I live the other side of the Rhine from Freiburg and travel down south regularly. I have tried every reasonable route over the years.
If time is not important Switzerland/Italy is an option, you will need to pay for the vignette for the year plus crossing the pass tunnel into Italy - cannot remember what I paid last year, but it was not cheap.
The last leg over the hills towards Ventimiglia is great, but speed of the slowest and can cost you 2 hours.
I have the automatic t pass for the frog motorways so I sail through the tolls. Costs about 70-80 Euro depending on your route. You save a bit on juice cruising on motorways as opposed to the other option, so it probably only costs 20 euros more....
Figure on 8-10 hours, I did Frankfurt to St Tropez in 9 once, and I drive like a lunatic and know where most of the speed traps are....
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