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Advice needed - decent external speakers for a new iMac

Being a total biff when it comes to computers, could any of you worthy folks give me some advice/suggestions on suitable external speakers for my new iMac? I've a budget of upto £200 for them. I've looked at various sites but there's so much techno-babble it may as we'll be written in Chinese. Replies in simple English (the simpler the better) would be very much appreciated. Ta muchly.


Second the bose ones, my kids have them in their rooms and are amazing for sound quality
Bose soundlink wireless speakers, superb quality, connects by bluetooth to your computer and will give up to 8 hours play from one charge.

about £250
Dunno WTF is going on with that post, I posted the Amazon link to the Harmon Kardon Onyx Studio. Looks like some clever stuff that turns Amazon links into media is broke.


Book Reviewer
Bose - Buy Other Sound Equipment. ;)

I treated myself to a pair of these a few christmases ago - - sound amazing and usual Creative quality. plus a nice small footprint as no bulky sub to find room for.

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