Advice needed. Civvy Goretex Dog Walking Jacket?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TheBigUn, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. I'm on the look out for a new dog walking jacket. My current Lowe Alpine one has given sterling service over the past few years but is getting a bit tatty so I thought I would part with some hard earned cash and treat myself.

    Statement of Requirement is as follows:

    1. 100% waterproof and breathable for use in all weathers.

    2. Lots of pockets for doggy type stuff.

    3. A hood.

    4. XXL or XXXL in long fitting.

    6. Reasonable price, no more than £200.

    Any advice greatly received and hopefully by asking you lot it will save me tramping around various outdoorsy type shops on Saturday thereby saving valuable drinking time. :D

    (and no I'm not going to walk my dog wearing an Army issue MVP jacket!)

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

    TheBigUn :wink:
  2. Try Mountain Equipment. Their kit is fearsomely good, but also can be fearsomely expensive.

    Find a friendly Duke of Edinburgh Award-er, and ask them to buy it with their discount card (accepted by Blacks, Cotswolds and Millets, to name a few). Gets you about 10% off, which is nice.
  3. I got 10% off some bits at blacks using mod90.
  4. We get the same deal, but with our MOD90s...
  5. worth trying TKMAXX as they have some good stuff!
  6. tkmax has lot of goretex other types of hiking gear very cheap mostly large sizes
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I dont bother with Gary Goretex for dog walking or work as the brambles tend to shread most coats so I go cheap and hunt around the end of shooting season sales. I will admit to a leather fetish for a great jerkin that is just about me proof and keeps most of the weather away but weighs in at some huge tonnage!
  8. i bought an end of line Helly Hansen Gore Tex jacket in xxl for £65 quid had a hood and millions of pockets even bought one for Mrs Warrior too.Got it direct from Helly Hansen and its served me well on dog walking expiditions on Salisbury Plain
  9. Hello TheBigUn,

    I have not exposed it to any serious weather yet but my current jacket is lovely to wear,waterproof,has a hood and loads of very handy pockets big enough to carry a retreiving dummy:

  10. Barbour is my choice of dog walking coat. Just had to retire mine after 15 loyal years of service, including use in the training areas on PDT,s.

    £90.00 well spent I reckon.

  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    HH have an outlet store in Bicester I think, apparently quite cheap and lots of slight seconds.
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    dry-z-bone or barbour

    job done.
  13. Forget Gortex for walking the dog....Barbour all the way. Bought mine 3 years ago and still like new. It takes all the rough stuff with ease and I would have ripped anything less loads of times. Expensive, but when looked at that the coat will last for years it becomes cheap in the end.

    If you want something to last and last look at the Bedale or something of that ilk.
  14. monkey104 What have you been doing with it? retiring it after only 15 years, (not trying to get into my Barbour is older than your's pis8ing match) mine has been used in similar circumstances form 20 odd years, needs the bottom of the zip re-sewing, but apart from that is in good order, also great for the underground at rush hour keeps the great unwashed away.

    Seriously have you considered returning it to Barbour for a service, Mrs 06 sent hers in and it came back almost like new.

    Favorite at the moment if it is not absolutely chucking it down is a Loden jacket, extremely warm and comfy keeps all but the heaviest rain out, though gets a bit heavy when wet.