ADVICE NEEDED: Best bit of kit for Helmand!

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by garry bayntun, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. I have a family member who shall be taking his posting to Afghanistan in the next few months and am wondering if anyone has any advice or information on the best bit of kit. Is there something that anyone returning from active service out there simply could not do without? No stupid answers, like not going there to start with! So far a large camelback system has been suggested.

    Any useful information really grateful.
  2. Nothing mate. The kit we get is great. Little luxuries like an iPod are not issued though!
  3. take a look at "kit for an op tour " thread
  4. fleshlight
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  5. Haha brilliant
  6. Welcome to ARRSE Gary.

    The issued kit is miles better than it used to be. What's left is down to the role your family member is in and personal preference. For that reason I would suggest asking your family member what they would really like / need. It might kill the surprise, but they should appreciate you making the effort.

    As fatmini said, there are threads on this already so have a look for ideas.

    Opinions are like arsseholes, everyone's got one.
  7. Get one of these for him they're a must have!

  8. what about a powermonkey explorer to charge his i pod
  9. One of these


    and a bag of these


    hours of fun to be had for all, I speak from experience. RMPs were a particular favorable target.
  10. Excellent idea. Great bit of kit for a comfort box.
  11. Have just spoken to a para who recently returned and he suggested a power-monkey charger as well as an extremely large hard drive. Any thoughts?