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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by rlc:chef, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. am due to start at pirbright in over a months time i have been with my girlfriend for 8 years and have two kids. i live in blackburn lancs at the min when i get posted after phase 1 will the army rehouse me and my family.

    many thanks. :?
  2. Unless you are married, you will only be entitled to a families quarter if there are any surplus. Wouldn't count your chickens mate, they are tough enough to get hold of for those that are entitled! (Married)

    What you can do though, when you finally get posted to your field unit after training is find somewhere in the local town to rent and apply to live out through your chain of command. Normally there is no problems with this.
  3. ok mate thanks for reply and what do you mean apply to live out though your chain of command??? :)
  4. A soldier has to get permission from the OC of his unit to live out ie not in the block in the Army. Don`t just rent somewhere as your OC has to give permission if you just go ahead he can make you maintain a bedspace (pay for it) and do block jobs etc.
  5. After Phase 1 training, you will go on to Phase 2 training. Phase 2 soldiers on long courses can apply for a married quarter but most soldiers on Phase 2 training cannot apply for a married quarter unless there are extenuating circumstances.

    Once you have been told where you are subsequently posted, you can apply for a married quarter in that garrison. Married quarters are available for personnel who are married, in a partnership or who need a quarter for reasons of access to their children. If you are not married, you are not eligible for a quarter, IIRC.

    It is unlikely that you would be granted permission to "live out" during Phase 2 training.

  6. Its also worth bearing in mind that private hirings in the Pirbright area probably cost twice as much as they would in Blackburn, and are very unlikely to include a pigeon loft.
  7. As L/Cpl Litotes eliquently put above, even if married you wouldnt be entitled to MQ in phase 2 as the Chefs course it not a long enough course (normally any course well over 6 months you may be able to apply if married). Also remember that during Phase 1 at Pirbright you will not be able to go home and see the gf and kids for at least the first 6 weeks of training. I cannot believe that you have not discussed this with either your Recruiter, Senior Recruiter or ADSO on either of their interviews as it is one of the biggest issues of your life. Hope things go well but be aware of long seperation from your family whilst in training, during Phase 2 and when your in your units whilst on exercises/tours. If you do get married when you've passed Phase 1 and 2 you will be entitled to MQs.
  8. thanks for all the advice guys how long is phase 2 and my careers office tell me i can live where i want when i finish phase 2 but he was unsure how long phase 2 is for a chef and what are the chances of getting mq after phase2 or getting permission to live outside barracks?????

    once again u guys have been gr8 help thanks.
  9. I don't know how long your phase 2 is, but I don't know anyone thats been refused permission to live out. Providing you can make it into work every day and living out doesnt affect your availabilities for duties there shouldn't normally be a problem.

    Chances of getting a quarter will all depend on availability of them at the place you are posted to, you will be entitled to apply for one, but your priority will be very low and like I said, theres hardly enough for the married guys that get top priority. Have a word with the welfare officer when you get posted in, no doubt you will have to get an arrivals signature from him anyway (When you get posted, you normally have to get signatures from every department to let them know you are on camp).

    Good luck.