Advice/help welcomed with Resettlement.....?

Could someone pass me on to the correct people...

I joined the Army in 1992 and left in 1998...Towards the end of 1998 i re-enlisted in the Royal Irish...

I had to re-join in Phase 2 trianing.

4 weeks into Phase 2 i hurt my back on a tab, went to the doctors the next morning and believe it or not was shown the camp gates by the end of the day. I had been given an administive discharge on medical grounds.

This then got oveturned to a full medical discharge, i now receive a 40% war pension along with an army pension.

My question is this, was i or am i still entitled to any kind of resettlement and if so who would be the best people to contact?

To date i have contacted RFEA who in turn passed me onto to the RBL who in turn passed me on to the veterens agency who couldnt help...

So If anyone could give advice thank you in advance.
Depending on where you are you could try the IERO at you nearest AEC. If they don't know they will know where to look for you. You might be out of time though.