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Advice/ help please

ALSO POSTED IN 'JUST TA' - (Hope this is allowed MOD's) :)

This is an amalgam of a few other posts I have made on here so appologies if you've read bits of this before. However, after 6 months being 'back in'/ going through training again and of hanging around Arrse (that sounds SO wrong ) I have a much clearer idea of what I want to do if able. I am now looking for some help/ advice/ inside knowledge- experience and the usual sarcasm/ sick humour that goes with any such post

Background: At 42 I am at my fittest since I was training for selection with 'them' in my twenties (I couldn't go for it in the end - long story-now divorced ) and can pass the RM /Para fitness standard tests (2.4k in 9.24, weighted marches, heaves etc) reasonably comfortably. I was an NCO with a fair list of courses/ skills when I left in 2001 but, had been an officer cadet twice (again a long story - Army f*ckup x2). My current state of play is I have finished weekend 7 and have two more weekends to go before Catterick in October. After 8 years out, skill fade has been noticeable, but I'm finding it an enjoyable doddle in general.

I REALLY want to do an operational tour and intend to take the AACC course early next year - (pride/ too old to apply for 'them' again). However, despite my age, I have been told by the OC of my training depot that I could go for officer again if I can persuade my OC that I'm worth it. I'm pretty sure I can make a good case, but don't want to feck up my chances of going on tour/ doing the AACC by being stuck on a long winded commissioning course. Can I have my cake and eat it and, if so,; how? - edited once to ellicit more information

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