Could anyone in the know let me know where I stand with the following situation with my medical centre:

Recently I had my third major stomach operation.

The first op I was down graded temp after surgery for 6 months then back to P2 FE.

1 year later op was not successful, Second op was carried out but no temp downgrade but was informed by new doc at new duty station that I should have been.

5 months later op failed and third was carried out and the doc at the time stated that I would definetly be down graded to P3 LE after the op. This time op seems different and all seems good other than side affects - The surgeon stated that I must have and I have it in writing that I need 3 months complete rest and 3 further months of light dutys as not to require a forth op which will involve total opening of the stomach but I will never get this op in the uk so im trying my best to be careful but im still not downgraded.

Upon reporting to the medical centre to see a RAMC full Col he just gave me a sick chit for 2 weeks without reading any of my notes from the past ops and recent tests and he was contacted directly by the surgeon and informed of my needs as they both know each other professionally. With this the Col informed me that that I would run the risk of being discharged if I was given the full 3 months???

Im worried as I have to go back to the medical centre tommorow for a new chit but would it be better to see a different doc with a different opinion?

Can anyone shed any lite on the situation as Im no mellingerer and this is my first ever problem over 2 years in my 9 years of service.



Check your PMs mate.