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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by son_of_KOYLI, May 5, 2007.

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  1. As I've eluded to in previous posts, I'm in the defence industry.

    For my uni course I've been looking at mine protected vehicles and trying to understand what issues drive (no pun intended) the design of the kit you guys end up driving.

    If any of the esteemed readership would care to make a serious contribution to help my research - let me know.

    Not interested in knowing names, locations, units etc - just what vehicle, how they drove, good bits, bad kits, how they handled when things got hairy.

    What as a user you liked, hated, what you'd improve.

    Hopefully I can get something useful from amongst the usual arrse response we know and love
  2. So what you want to know is - what stands up to IED and what doesn't?

    yeah, right - fcuk off

    oh - and learn to spell
  3. No, sperm stain - I know what survives and how, its the other stuff I'm interested in.

    Stowage space, what would you change or tell the designers to think about.

    Are the seats the right shape for the range of kit you wear? Do you carry enough water?

    Try reading the question nuck fuckle.
  4. I've read the question

    And your response just indicates what a fukcing moronic chav you are

    You are not in the Army - you are in the 'defence industry' what are you a fukcing security guard?

    If you really are in the defence industry - you will be cleared for the sort of information you require

    so stop wasting our time you fukcing troll (or worse) - Cnut
  5. Oh dear

    capable of reading but not comprehending. not mind, no go polish your boots or count your rounds or whatever else you like to do.

    What I am looking at doesn't require clearance cos its not that important to most ppl and duh - not sensitive otherwise I would not be asking here.
  6. You are now beneath contempt. I have nothing further to say to you.
  7. the arrsehole beckons... mods?
  8. :D
  9. What's cheap, readily available and not going to upset our 'friends' in the defence community.

    So they take a Snatch off the roads of N Ireland, shove a bit of desert paint and cam and maybe a bit more plating on it in strategic areas and there you have it.

    You might want to ask this of the EOD guys (RLC and RE) They tend to take more interest in the design of the things we play with.
  10. I'm a Loggie Dvr and have got a lot of answers to his questions, thing is he sound like a funkin Knobber so I will not bother to answer them! Word of advice civvie boy, if your teacher has asked you to carryout a survey on mine/IED protected vehicles I will happily have you fly over here for a "In depth" view.
    Back to your homework speccy.
  11. Some sort of footwell mounted wanking machine that came up between the drivers legs in a lanny would have been good to combat convoy cock.

    and maybe a few cup holders and a pine freshner
  12. that's a great attitude to take when you are asking for peoples help.....

    there are many resources on the internet for the information you need. anything in greater detail/depth is likely to be sensitive, and hence not for discussion, nor should you have any need to know it. If you did, it would already be provided to you.
  13. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Take a good look at the Casspir, Buffel and the Mamba.
    Note the shape of the under-carriage. The Casspir is tried and tested against mines and small arms fire during the Rhodesian bush war and by the South Africans in its various Apartheid-era campaigns. A friend of mine was, some time back, working as a security advisor in Northern Iraq and he was desperate to try to get some Casspirs out there as they would have been a perfect patrolling vehicle with plenty of space for troops, good all round visibility and rugged enough for all terrains that present themselves in Iraq's rural and urban enviroment.

    Specs can be found here: Casspir
    I really don't know if this design has ever been improved on.
  14. Chaps,

    Is it possible that this request might be the sort of thing we've been asking for with every single piece of kit introduced in to service? From EWMIK to desert knee pads; how often do we hear - "Why don't they speak to the end user and find out what we want?"

    Just a thought.
  15. Barrel_of_monkey_spunk wrote;

    Is this really appropriate?

    Grow up.