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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by conure, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. Passed week 6 pass off yesterday, I know it isn't the biggest achievment ever but I felt very proud! I am now staying with a friend for my long weekend (mmm sleep) and now have priviledges at catterick which should be good..I do need some advice though.
    Catterick has been hard, its supposed to, mentally, and physically too (for us people that get homesick and find 4 hours sleep a night hard)
    Anyway, I'm not sure what to do..Although I like the army, to be absolutely honest I don't think the Infantyry is for me, it takes a certain kind of person and I'm not one of them..I don't particularly like going on exercise, not for any reason other than the freezing (literally) cold in catterick. Now in my mind to be an infantryman you need to be hard as **** and not worry about a bit of shit (horrendous hand numbing) weather, so I'm thinking maybe I should put in for a transfer to a part of the army where my whole career won't be spent in the field. or maybe, if thats what all the army do, I should consider DAOR'ing?
    Am I wrong in thinking this, because Although I'm still training, I know that after I reach battalion I will still spend huge amounts of time doing pure infantry work.
    So should I ask for a transfer, stick it out and stay infantry, or what?

    Thanks very much for the advice
  2. What did your aptitude tests say? Are you brainier than a fish-eating physicist or brawnier than the strongest man alive? Is it just the cold and Catterick, or is the whole green thing getting to you?
  3. well I passed the tests I had to pass to join the AAC becauise I got 65 on the BARB test and passed the maths test, so I'm alright to go for it, but need to find out how long it takes..I like general Army life, but find infantry life..not totally to my liking, I'd prefer a job which requires a bit more thought but less physically demanding, because I find the physical side very hard. and I have a hell of a lot of respect for all infantry soldiers, but I'm not entirely sure I'm the right person for this job. I'd hate to leave the army when it offers so much, but I'd also hate to stay in a job I don't belong in.
  4. Its still early doors sunshine, give a bit longer. It will not matter where you go in the Army you will still end up in the field in all weathers. Also remember that no matter what trade you decide to join you are a Soldier first. Stick with it pal.........and reap the rewards.
  5. Alright then, cheers, I guess everybody hates cleaning a rifle in -3..Cheers for the advice, I will stick with it..I can wear the beret now more craphat!
  6. I'd stick with it and see how you feel once you're out in a Battalion doing it for "real". If you still think it's not for you then you can consider moving to a Corps or whatever. Had a few ex-infantry technicians in my lot.
  7. CC1 - early doors? Do you mean early days?

    Conure - Inf is not always like training. When you get posted to your Bn life will be totally different. There will be FTX's in the future where you get cold and wet, but that's life and can happen in any other Arm or service. Try and stick with it and try for one of the specialist jobs within the inf after you get a year in - like anti tanks, Sigs, Mortars, etc. You have to have more than half a brain for these roles, and if it's still not you then at least you can prove that you have given it a go and a transfer will be easier.

  8. What capbadge are you joining??
  9. Nope! meant early doors!

    You off up to the Villa this weekend? I feel an away win in my bones..... well i fecking hope we do!
  10. In my day early doors was what happened at 11am and the pub opened! :wink:

    I hope we get a result - I'm hopefull to come away with something. Working on Sat, and the round trip is a bit of a nause - I live in Dublin!

    Conure - PWRR are a fine Regiment, I'd definately stick with them and see how it pans out in a few years.
  11. RTFQ


    There are three things you need to take on board:

    1. You have come a long, long way and already put a great deal of effort to turn around at this stage because things might get harder or you might not be the right type of person. The truth is you are only 6 weeks in and you cannot begin to fathom how much you will change physically, mentally emotionally - the works - in these coming months. Your fitness will improve, your admin will get better so that it becomes second nature and you'll deal with the cold better, the lack of sleep better and the general shittiness of being in the field better. You wouldn't have passed off if your instructors didn't think you were up to the task. You're not a soldier yet, you've not been given all the man skills to deal with a soldier's difficulties yet. You will be given them as you progress through training. Delay any life changing decisions until you've really given this a crack.

    2. Pretty much every other fecker in your platoon is, or has been, having the exact same doubts. It's a tall order and if it were easy every one would be doing it. Approach such tall orders the same way you will throughout your career - with your mukkas stood beside you and with utter confidence that you've been chosen, you have the strength and the skills to do what's necessary. It's training - they can't kill you and they can't make you pregnant.

    3. You're not making a deal with the devil. Once you've completed training and experienced life in the Bn - which is very different from training - you can assess your options if you need to. If you walk away now you'll regret it. Make them carry you off or make them look you in the eye and bin you. There's no dishonour in trying your hardest and failing.

    I think if we're both honest, you're not quite ready to jack it in - you wanted someone here to tell you it'll be ok and you'll make it. It's been a tough few weeks and you wanted someone to give you a confidence boost. You're looking in the wrong place on Arrse - try your shaving mirror, everything you need is in there.

    Good luck and don't let any fucker get you down.
  12. Dam good regiment (and im not PWRR), stick with it, it WILL be worth it..

  13. Top Advice.....nice one
  14. Conure.

    RTFQ has hit the nail on the head.

    One thing to add. If after joining your Battalion and experiencing real Infantry life you decide that it isn't for you then there are plenty of options open to you. The fact that you have completed Infantry training and served in a Battalion will always help you in any other part of the Army. You would stand out in a crowd of technicians for example and people would look to your experience for guidance. We all do different jobs and you will often see people raving on about how good life is here and there but the bottom line is that the grass is rarely greener on the other side (just a different shade of green). The AAC is full of Ex Infantry pilots who bring a lot of experience to the party and are very well respected.

    Well done so far, keep up the hard work and never look back (unless you are at the back!)