Advice from the pay staff please - Disturbance Allowance

Hi there,

I need a bit of advice please. I moved from N Yorks to Hampshire in Sept last year. This was for a minimum 3 year posting. Precisely 3 months later my post was scrapped (oh the feeling of being wanted). I have since been reposted 40 miles away. DHE are now pushing for me to move house, I understand all the reasons etc. I have been told that I am entitled to removals etc as my move is for service reasons however; I have also been told that to get disturbance allowance again (within 6 months of receiving it) I will need a personal note from the Pope, countersigned by God him/herself and a video recording of the Queen limbo dancing. As anyone who moves knows, the whole process is quite expensive even with free removals and I just wondered if there was any exceptions to the 6 month rule.

Any ideas/help appreciated.

PS. I took this quarter over on Sept 6th and although I applied for my initial disturbance allowance 6 weeks before the move the pay staff succesfully managed to lose the paperwork 3 times and i didn't get the money until mid Oct 05. Does anyone know if the 6 month rule is from application or receipt ?


The six month rule is from the date of posting.

If I read you correctly you are saying that your original posting order stated a length of tour of 3 years? And that this was then superceded by another posting order some 3 months after you arrived posting you somewhere else for 3 years?

If this is the case then you are indeed entitled to removals and disturbance allowance. If there is any doubt in your unit ask the Pay Wallah to show you the relevant part of PAM (or the RAAC if they are stuck in the 1960's), when they do this then politely point out the part that states that Disturbance Allowance is paid when there is an expectation to complete 6 months or longer in the new post.

If said Pay mong is still giving you the run around then request (politely of course) that they staff your case through the Bde SPS chain.

I would be interested to know the rank of the individual who informed you that you couldn't claim this - if it is a SPS SNCO they certainly need their arrse kicked.
Soldier why - That is exactly the situation I am in and thank you very much for the response. I will take this up first thing tomorrow. It was a civil servant that told me the ruling so I will probably pass this on to the paymaster.

Thanks again, very helpful.

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