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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Casper88, May 22, 2008.

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  1. I have been trying to get my 1.5mile run time down to 10 minutes or below. To do so, I've been training both outdoor and on the treadmill, and have been encountering problems. When I run outside, I can keep a comfortable speed and finish below/around the 10 minutes mark. However, when I try this on the treadmill (keeping an average speed of 14km) I find it near impossible to sustain the speed for the duration of the distance, as it feels I am sprinting throughout the run. My question is, although there are noticeable differences between outdoor running and treadmill running, why is it that I am finding it near impossible to replicate my outdoor times by a large margin?
  2. Yes.
    Try fartleching
    Train little and often
    Lose weight
    eat properly

    Thank me later
  3. It'd personally take it as a good thing because you will be tested outdoors not on a treadmil, so having a faster outdoor time is favourable.

    Do what the others suggested though in order to get your 1.5 down.
    Also do more 400m hard runs and 800 hard runs, that will help
  4. On a treadmill run on a 1% incline, that also replicates running outdoor more....
    Im not an expert but what iv noticed is when your on a treadmill you are not mentally aware of how fast you are running, and because the machine is doing the speed you get tired, outdoors you pace yourself better...
    Personal opinion, and experience from running in both.
  5. I wouldn't run on a treadmill; it bears little resemblance to outdoor running. Get outside, doing longer runs (6 miles) over hilly ground, in all weathers, and if you can find a small river to run through, then go for it. Once you're good at that, doing 1.5 or a bleep test will be easy.

    Fartlek training helps a lot too. The Royal Marines have some good training manuals explaining all this, and giving examples of training schedules and exercises, available from your local AFCO.

  6. Seconded, the marine website ( has some excellent advice for building your fitness as well.
  7. 3% minimum on the treadmill, and fartlek means 'speed play' there isn't a set routine when using this i.e. walk, jog run, spring to set times etc, do what you feel.