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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Callum_Almighty, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. I've got selection on the 7th feb, next week.
    My first job choice is R Signal's, Comms Operater.
    Since my first selection which was on the 7th Jan, i've changed job title.
    so i haven't sat the TST yet, but this will be done next week.
    I've been told that i must gain at least 19 marks on this test.
    I've read certain bits + bobs in the middle of other threads and topic's.

    Any advice or help would be awesome.

    Many thanx in advance.

  2. hehehe your in the same position, same job! im on the 5th though = 2 days!

    CSO = 16marks i was told by 4 different online recruiters
    Electrican = 19
    Driver lineman = none

    ^ for the royal signals
  3. Nice, Good Luck

    You'll Have To Let Me Know How You Do
  4. What do you mean by marks?

    I'm going is as CSE hopefully.
  5. 16/55 marks in the tst
  6. Best advice I can give is do each question as quickly as possible, many people fail because they never finished the whole paper thus loosing out precious marks, if you find your only halfway through with 5-10 mins to go, guess every question til the end.
  7. Cheer's fella, have you done a TST also?
    if so, how much time is allowed?
    got any examples of questions?
  8. Can somebody explain what this TST is please.
  9. TST - Technical Selection Test.
    It's a basic GCSE level Maths test. I haven't done one yet so this is just what I've heard/remembered.

    You're going for CSE, same as me and will need 35/55 to get that job (Using some recently revised maths skills, I calculate that to be 60%). Any lower and you won't get it.
    I've started revising in some GCSE higher level Maths books on numbers.
    They seem a lot easier than when I was at school. I've heard the test is pretty easy apart from towards the end. I think it's all numeracy, not pythagorus theorum and trigonometry.

    Your recruiter will tell you all about it anyway. Don't take my word as gospel.

    For anybody who was took it;

    i) Is there a calculator and non calculator section?
    ii) Is it all numbers?
    iii) Any advice on what types of stuff to revise?
  10. The day I did my BARB test I also did a numeracy and literacy test. I'm assuming this TST is different to this? I only got 1 question wrong on the numeracy test I did, so if the questions are anything like them I will be thankful!

    Dang.. I hate maths tests. Might have to do a bit of revising then, I'm a bit rusty on the more complex stuff.

  11. Yea, they are differnt, i'v heard the the TST is answer by choice.
    and the TST is only done for technical trades such as REME, R Signals, Intel Corps Ect Ect.

  12. You didn't specify what advice you wanted and nor has anyone given the answers to these specific questions. That's why I was asking :roll:
  13. Nah buddy i done mine both times (you get 2 tries in a lifetime) 4 years ago, was going to join the REME as an air tech, I failed by about 3 marks both times, and only because they never told us the length of the test, where rumours the night before had it that it lasted an hour and a half, when really we got about 45-60 mins, so its important you personally ask the NCO at the front before the test starts how long you have, as for how many questions there was it was that long ago i cant remember, i just remember it was a big paper, like a GCSE paper, and you get a stopwatch, calculator, pens, pencils and a jotpad to work things out on.
  14. Oh and an example question would be,

    Sgt XXX is preparing for this month's big exercise, your unit thus far incorporates 4 platoons each with 30 men per platoon. Sgt XXX signs off 20 crates of ammunition from the armory, each crate holding 400 rounds, how many rounds would be given to each soldier on the exercise?

    Just basic stuff like that, some questions easier and some more technical
  15. all thequestions you will have done in ur gcse's

    simultaneous equations
    a bit of pythagorus
    read up on ur old text books
    i only got 30 purely becuase i couldnt remember how to work out some of the harder questions from my time at school
    i actually wasnt told i had to take the test so it was a big shock for me when i found out 30 seconds before i took the test
    if you go back thru your old gcse stuff youll be fine