advice for transfer.

Discussion in 'REME' started by porch143, May 12, 2011.

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  1. hi, i am looking to transfer from REME to the mercians. i am looking for advice on how to go about it.
    ive seen my careers advisor and he is been ages geting back to me, im still waiting.

    so i though i would ask for some advice on here aswell
    will i need to do phase 2 training?

    any help would be great.
  2. Have you started phase 1 yet?
  3. 3 n bit years ago yes lol
  4. I assume that you're a junior soldier at an Army college? If so, speak to your CoC about a transfer.

    Oh, I see! You mean will you redo phase 2 training with the Mercians?! Probably. They cover a lot more soldiering that the REME don't do in Phase 2.
  5. If you're transferring to infantry, you'll have to do the Combat Infantryman Course. This is stuff anyone in the Army should know though.
  6. im at a working unit and have been for some time, i was a mechanic for 5 years before joining the army, then joined as a vm, i wasnt a junior soldier as i joined at the age of 17.

    as for "anyone in the army should know this" comment, well in MY phase two i cover class 3 VM initial course, not an infantry course.

    im a VM not an infanteer, thats why i asked. any one in the army would relise this, thats why they have careers advisors!
  7. Well would you expect an infantryman to transfer to your role without Special To Arm training?
  8. i think ive typed my question out wrong.
    what does the phase two consist off, time scale ect..
    and no i wouldnt expect a infanteer to do my job with out training.

    im after advise for what will help me to transfer.

    ive got no problems with phys ect..
  9. No wonder you want out of the REME. You're not very bright are you.
  10. You started training as a mechanic at 12, then went adult entry basic training?
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  11. hmmmm, 17NVQ's and 3 OCN's, probs more down to the fact of my baby girl has made me extremly tired :)
  12. Sounds like you're actually serving with 932 (Bullshit) Brigade.
  13. yes, my dad ownes a garage so i was in there after school and at wkends
  14. oh my this is a hard read.....tartan paint abundant at your gaff?
  15. I'm REME with the Mercians at the moment. PM me if you need some info.

    Why infantry? Have you thought about going to a unit where you will do a bit more infantry work and VMing before you make your mind up? It can be a massive culture shock transferring, re-joining or re-trading. Have you got any other options/choices.

    The grass isn't always greener on the other side - sometimes there is **** all grass!!! Just recently had a REME type tip up here who actually put in for the Mercians; he isn't liking his choice - stuck here now for 4 years.