Advice for the next Prime Minister...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Bridger, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. Ladies, Gentlemen,

    I thought as we've some time before we finally get to vote on Gordon's reign, that it might well be worthwhile opening a thread for pointers / suggestions and wise words for any prospective PM in the months and years to come.

    Given the vast wealth of experience, intellect and no small ammount of humour of you lot have in spades I have no doubt that it should make for interesting reading.


  3. Ban the Labour party.
  4. No, ban government altogether and put either the Queen in charge..................or an arrser! :D
  5. You work for us.
  6. ????? :?
  7. Make sure both yourself and those you appoint to manage the country on OUR behalf are beyond reproach
  8. If you say you are going to do something, do it.
  9. I am so pleased the nation saw sense Mr Clarkeson :)

    No advice, just my heart felt congratulations.
  10. Dear PM,

    I have a couple of pointers but let me start on education:

    The common work place tends to have a similar structure: Workers, Junior Managers, Senior Managers, and Directors (broad-brush I appreciate).

    Thus education should be focussed on providing a skilled workforce to reflect this. Not all people are destined to complete formal education in the structure that it is today. To that end, provide generic schooling for the first three years of secondary education. At this point it should be clear to identify those that are mentally astute enough to going on to further education. Those that do not fit this mould should be identified for their talents and take on practical studies. Those with the educational bent can go on to study for exams reflective of their ability. Here we now have two streams: those that are practically skilled and those that are mentally skilled. At the end of five years of education you have provided to the work force a skill pools and the foundation for future managerial skills or those that require high mental ability (Dr's, etc)

    The next period of education is focussed on providing those identified as mentally capable with development of those skills. On completion of this period a return can be made to the workforce of perhaps junior management potential individuals with further education sponsored and run within the workforce.

    Those that have excelled at this period can then move onto tertiary education to provide a highly mentally skilled individual.

    Returning to the individuals that have gone through the practical stream, they are not a lost group; they are to continue the education through apprentice schemes and workplace education.

    This very generic, internet post in theory would provide a steady stream of educated, skilled and talented individuals for further education be it in the work force or in formal education establishments. It will cease the diluting of tertiary education, focus the resources where they are needed most and reflect the capability of the individual.
  11. "Selection and maintenance of the aim".
  12. No sacred cows. Not the NHS, not building schools for the future, not EU subsidies, not international aid. Examine EVERYTHING. If it's not working well enough, reform it. If it's not working in our national interest, bin it.
  13. 1) Waste no time and show no mercy in purging the Labour placepersons throughout Government and Quangocracy, starting at the top.

    2) Do not replace these vile creatures

    3) See if anyone actually notices.
  14. We had this it was called Grammar Schools, those that didn't make it went on to do skilled based jobs with training at a Polytechnic or Regional college.
  15. Yeah I figured as much. Knew I hadn't thought it up for myself...