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I’ve been wanting to join the army since I was sixteen, it’s something I’d love to do but unfortunately or logically(!) super nervous about, as I’ll certainly miss home.

but recently I moved and I’ve had the idea of joining the reserves then going to be a regular, it’s a great way to see if I enjoy it without taking the giant leap of being a full time soldier. if I enjoy it I’ll put all my effort into it, but I do want to get a taste before.

personally I’d love to be a dog handler - the idea of having a companion in this journey sounds great along with many other things! I have a lot of questions so I’ll list them below.

1 • can someone show me what order each major step is in the army? I.e what comes first and last, passing your army tests (?) selection, phase 1 training (?) phase 2 (?)

2 • can I join the reserves then go on to regular, will I have to pass the same tests? I think this is an obvious yes for the latter part.

3 • is being a dog handler an easy role to get, I heard somerwhere they have many applicants.

4 • how much maths is required in the army? what roles require it the least (lol),

5 • can I take a camera to my training to capture pictures? for the memory book.

6 • would I be based close to my family / home county?



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1/ Pretty much it in that order
2/ Yes you can join as reservist and move to regs and a qualified yes with regard to tests(although am ready to be corrected). If mobilised as a reservist, its not unknown for people to stay on. However... it is much more likely to do training again as a new candidate.
3/ Pass
4/ How longs a piece of string?
5/ I wouldnt...
6/ No guarentees in regs.

I would go reserves first to see how you like it. You can go regular at a later date (if you are within age limits)
Thank you! I’ve been hearing that you shouldn’t waste your time in the reserves and join regular but seeing it first and getting a bit of training will go a long way.!

I want to be in the reserves by age 19/20, but by 25/28 I would love to have been in the army for half to nearly a decade.


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If you arent sure of what you want to do, or if you will like it, the Reserves are a good half way house. On the other hand, if you are sure thats what you want to do, why wait?
How long are you planning on staying in the reserves?

If you don't mind me asking, how old are you now?
Join the Reserves, use it as a way to get a taste for it, use it to build up your fitness and some experience then after a year or two, transfer to the Regulars. Easily done. Loads of the young lads in my Reserves unit have done it. For maths, it's C or above in GCSE or Level 2 numeracy. If you haven't got that, the Reserves will help you practice to pass level 2, or at least they should. Good luck


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Depends what you want to do - i think that in order to progress, certain levels of qualifications are required - Certain level of reading/writing to promote to JNCO etc
It's what I did; I used it as a taster and also to provide beer tokens when I was at college. I then went on to serve for 22 years as a Regular. So my advice is to go for it!
Sounds fantastic! In that long career, how much maths were required? I know it depends but it’s been my biggest concern since I even considered joining.
Some but not an onerous amount, more arithmetic then maths though.
Sounds fantastic! In that long career, how much maths were required? I know it depends but it’s been my biggest concern since I even considered joining.
That made me smile; I started basic training for the regulars 30 years ago this comimg April and it seems like yesterday!
I would esteem to have such a lengthy and prosperous career! you have given me so much encouragement to try the reserves first and see it! how much training should I do before, should I train as hard as if it was the regulars? plus any hope in actually getting the dog handler role, as I heard it’s over applied for.
what role did you have? if you mind me asking!
Royal Military Police but I specialised in what used to be known as Signals but is now known as Command Information Systems.

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