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Having moved from "in" to "out", I am now lecturing on the BTEC courses for Uniformed and Public Services - and a bloody good career change it was! However, I have lots of young lads and lasses who want to join the Army but seem to be getting some strange messages from AFCO. One girl was given her TAFMIS forecast for recruiting which gave a pretty bleak picture, but it seemed to bear no relationship to what she actually wanted to do! She was offered musician (does not play an instrument or have any burning desire to do so), and AAC groundcrew. I appreciate she has completed the BARB-T, but don't the AFCO staff do some face to face work to make sense of what the computer tells them? She had almost three pages of jobs that were suitable but were not recruiting - and for some reason she ended up being accepted as a paratrooper! She is considering suspending her application until something more realistic comes along. I know that the Forces have a lot of applicants to choose from at the moment...

In addition - Army Bursary scheme - a bloody good idea, but have the AFCOs been told to cut back on mentioning them? I have had some people told that they need to complete a 5 year ROS to keep them, and some people told that they don't do them any more! I know that the only thing that has changed appears to be an annual fitness test to stop the "oh dear, I've got £2K and now I have flat feet" scenario, but is there anything that we are missing?
If she says what she wants to do, and she has the BARB test score to do it, she can apply for that job. Im sorry but that story doesnt sound right. She wouldnt be asked to go in as a musician unless she said she had some sort of musical experience, I believe they need at least grade 5 in a musical instrument to join the army as a bandsmen.
Seriously - she has no musical experience whatsoever, I've gone over her previous 2ndary school reports to check it out! She has the TAFMIS print out as well showing the BARB aptitude and the jobs that are open to her! I showed it to the incoming AFCO/ART Co-ord and they were dumbfounded, said they would look into it. She wants to enter in an engineering role but was told that it was more likely that she would end up as a clerk (but that didn't appear on the TAFMIS print!). Not sure if we have a dodgy recruiter here, but it is clear that there is something wrong! On a more worrying note, the TAFMIS print showed the current period recruiting and the next period recruiting figures, and they are very, very low - many of them zeroed. The plus is that they get to choose the best that come through the door I suppose!
Ffs mate,rectuiters ALWAYS push for roles that are most needed. At the moment, its clerks and musicians. If she wants to be an engineer and has the BARB score to do it, then she can. She just needs to stand up to her recruiter!!!
Just a quick input on the bursary...
I've been on it and finished my 2 year public services course with good grades etc but I must admit it's great for people like me,but there were a few people that signed up to the bursary and then through trips and obv the work they decided the army wasn't for them,so in reynturn they had to pay back £1300 that they didn't have!!

So yeah great idea if they 100% want to join the army but I think the amount of money should be reduced too,maybe that you apply to the army to fund the trips etc upto £1000 a year along with the regulations that are in place I also think selection should be done 1 every 4 months to keep phys up :)

Hope I didn't dribble too much there!

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