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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 3secondwonder, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. I have been put on the PTI course in Jan (yes before you shout so I can wear the tight blue zip top) and wondering if anybody has any advice. I am running loads and crunching those stomach muscles but do I need to read up on anything before the course? Sounds stupid but how fit do have to be i.e do I have run the mile and half in a stupid time? I am running it in 9 minutes at the moment is that okay? or I should be looking at increasing my speed?

    I appreciate any advice
  2. I'd say work on your upper body strength as you'll be on the assault course a bit.
    Read up on Cardiovascular systems and the like. Names of muscles and bones in the body, what systems we use when exercising, muscle make up etc etc.
  3. How good at applying self-tanning lotion are you? You need to be able to do it so no streaks appear. Also the same for oil/body need to go from matt to full oil-shine in under 60 secconds. It's not as easy as you'd think!

    What hair style do you currently sport? This will determine whether you are a "giver" or a "taker" when in the showers, after your hard, sweaty, manly, sauna with the other PTIs :)
  4. I put in last night for one in Feb.... Oh well, better start working on the tan.

    If your running sub 9's you'll be fine..... My main drama press-ups... errrrr HATE THEM!
  5. Don't forget to practice your treading water.
  6. And hope that they don't put a mirror at the bottom of the pool! I can see lots of dead pot PTI's after drowning whilst admiring their "perfect V shaped bodies" :)
  7. What are regarded as 'acceptable' standards in the fitness tests on the course? Is it enough to pass them, or do you need to, e.g., do the 1 1/2 mile run in 30 secs less than the minimum time, to avoid getting binned at any excuse?
  8. When I did my course in 1989 I was banging BFT's in 8 and a half minutes and ICFT's in 1hr 05mins, I was physically fit but my upper body needed strengthening, I was told that my running ability saved me from the boot. It's also mental, you've got to psyche yourself up to better yourself at every event, every gym session and learn how the human body works (muscle groups etc). Apart from that it's quite relaxed, they are looking for motivated personnel, so have a bit of confidence about you.
  9. I was informed by our unit PTI to aim for 9.30 on the run, this was due to the fact that its run on a running track (this was for the pre-pti course) and that confuses people so they generally get slower times..
  10. Surely that would make it easier because you know where the end is? :?

    The hardest runs to judge are when you get a "head that way and you'll find some PTIs to point you in the right direction".
  11. Don't forget your subscription to Men's Health and muscle mag so you can get the pictures for pin ups in the PTI office
  12. I typed Mens Health into Google at work yesterday as I've just signed up for PTI cse and it came up blocked due to nudity!!!!!
  13. So 9 1/2 mins is ok? What about the sit ups & press ups, what is regarded as acceptable for them? Thanks.
  14. I was meant to be on this course in November, but unfortunately the bid put forward by my SPSI didnt go through so I shall likely have to wait untill january.

    I have tried to get as much info on this course as I can, and most of what I've seen says the initial TA PTI basic course is 12 days at Fox lines in Aldershot, the course I was meant to be on next month was over 3 weekends and was down on my Ji's as PTI basic modules, aren't those three weekends meant to be done after the 12 days in Aldershot? I mean to bring this up with my SPSI but dont want to look like a mong so any knowledge shared on the matter would be appreciated.