Advice for people waiting to start basic training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Sentinel, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. !!!!GO AND GET A JOB!!!!

    Last time I was unemployed, I refused to sign on and went and did temping work. I ended up working as a dustman, road sweeping, doing the bins etc. It turned out to be the best possible thing I could have done, because when I did my training (okay it was only TA), I was so fit through having been lifting 2-3 tonne a day and running 5 miles round the streets, I was the fittest one there.

    If you're getting bored waiting for basic to start, go out, get a temping job, that way you will appreciate the army even more because you will have seen the alternative out on civvy street. For those of you that have got a job and HAVE stacked shelves in Sainsbury's, done packing in a warehouse or worked behind a bar - WELL DONE!!! I think what you have done is fantastic and shows commitment and hardwork.

    I now work for a very good company in Central London earning about the same as an army Captain. But 12 months ago I was working as a dustman and I have never forgotten how hard it was and why I do not want to go back to working like that. It drives me on to succed even more. But please, stop coming on here whining about being bored waiting for basic to start when you could be out working. If all you're prepared to do whilst waiting for basic to start is to sign on, then I wonder whether you have what the army wants to succeed.

    Rant over.
  2. I agree, except that here in north devon the job prospects are between zero and none. And I have more than enough saved up from my last civvie job to last me until I leave.
  3. erm.... I earn roughly 45k as a Recruitment Consultant, started by cleaning hotel rooms - I'm bored as fcuk still, and climbing the walls - can I whinge?
  4. Special permission given crescent. My beef is with those on here who are to lazy even to get a temping job whilst waiting to join up. My jobs just as boring. Don't fancy swapping do you?
  5. I work in Blacks mate. It's alright because I can get loads of stuff for my basic from there with my discount. And they give me enough time off to train, makes the time till i start go quicker!
  6. i've done 2 years of McDonalds, i think i can be allowed 9 days of unemployment...

    i hate McDonalds....
  7. Please :)

    A fresh set of pretentious 'spiffing' grad types to say 'fcuk off you pretentious blueberry buying nut crunching tw@' to :thumright:
  8. gis a job like yours
  9. You can have mine if you like :)

    Seriously though as I always say on job related threads - if anyone wants any help/advice concerning employment/CVs/interviews anything related just PM me.
  10. get with the program....things have changed since 12 months ago....we are in the EU now and so that means more people coming to england for better jobs or crap jobs that pay more.......ive tryed agencie's if not all of them but guess who i see in every agencie i go into........polish people thats who i see......

    so ya 12 months ago this topic would of been true but now its void
  11. Its not hard to get a job. If your not fussy or retarded.

    Is every job taken by polish people? I dont think so.

    But if a polish immigrant applies for a job, who probably doesnt speak the language as well as you and doesnt have the same qualifications....and they are getting the work and you are unemployed.... what does that say about you mate?
  12. me Gibbo - they're the ones who walk into the office, we smile and be polite, then they hand over their "See Vay" we have the standard 5 minute chat and get rid of them never to contact them again.

    Trust me, all a candidate is to a Consultant is a fee, it's all about monetary worth you place on that person - so if a non-English speaking Pol with no qualifications is getting picked over you then you're clearly pretty unemployable for whatever reason.

    On the other hand if you're just making an appearance in the office to convince yourself you're trying, without actually applying for any jobs just 'cos the office has Eastern Europeans in it then knobber to you.

    On the other, other hand - Consultants are more likely to fill shite jobs with Eastern Europeans 'cos we know they'll stick with it and we don't have to **** about with backfills or rebate terms etc - whereas Englands Finest Crop like yourself are more liklely to hack it for a fortnight and bugger off.

    Everything considered, I can guarantee you and anyone reading this thread, that if you really can't get put anywhere by an agency then you're ******* dire. All you to a consultant is money, and s/he will do something with you to exploit your monetary value, and if they're doing nothing with you then, well...
  13. We were in the EU 12 months ago too!
  14. Yup, we certainly were.
  15. Also true. But admittedly the employment market wasn't as saturated with Eastern Europeans 12 months ago, I've definately noticed a massive change in the last year, certainly in the last 8/9 months.

    Speaking as someone who actually KNOWS the employment market and isn't just going off of anti-immigration hearsay, BLiar has well and truly cocked up employment in Britian - especially non-city areas in England.