Advice for new posters in the sticky "joining" thread.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Glad_its_all_over, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. Advice for people posting in the sticky "joining" thread:

    - Do, please, remember that it's Int Corps - note, Int, not Intel, Corps, not Core, Corp or corp.

    - You should feel perfectly free to ensure that all your wonderful words are correctly spelled in accordance with customary English use and practice.

    - Punctuation and capital letters, correctly used, are strongly encouraged.

    - You should not take any piss-taking personally. It's the Army, deal with it.

    - You are also encouraged not to be cross and frustrated if people refuse to divulge classified or sensitive information across the Internet. We're funny that way around here.

    ...and finally, the best of luck to anyone considering one of the most challenging, interesting, maddening, annoying and fulfilling organisations in the Armed Forces (except, obviously, for 49 Para).
  2. So far from 3 posts I managed to break most of the fundamental rules 8O
    I'm used to people taking the urine I was the shortest person at school until I was 15 now I'm 6'4" so there's always room for improvement :lol:
  3. Riiiiggggghhhhhhttttt Marker!
  4. Think you'll find that the word of command 'Right' in that phrase is extremely clipped, rather than drawn out as you're spelling suggests. You got 'marker' correct though.

  5. Not that you'd be bothered given you diminutive stature (and yes I did check the dictinary for diminutive) :D
  6. Well that all depends upon who was your drill pig doesn't it? Having been taught drill to instructor standard by the RAOC I arrvied at Ashford to find a screaming skull CSM who drew it out. A certain SSgt of later acquaintance, who never left Berlin, used a clipped version as you say. A CSM who went all pink and fluffy was also clipped. A televison star of recent years was particularly long and drawn out, boringly so! A short bloke with a penchant for young ladies was also clipped; around the ear figuratively speaking too! :wink:
  7. yep, you'll find him bang in the middle of the front row of every photo and parade, the fucking pygmy :D

    p.s. devex, you should have checked the dictionary for "dictionary" as well ;)
  8. Mea culpa, y'r 'onour

  9. I worked on that show (if it's the one 'Bad' one you are reffering to) He was quite a card. A couple of us scruffy long haired TV types were able to to get a smile out of him when we neatly executed 'for insepection, port arms.. crashing the No.4's bolt out.

    If it's not this chap you are alluding to - this will mean nothing.
  10. I hold my hand up and admit that it was me that took a roundhouse swing for him in the Greenfly circa 92. When the punch missed I actually swung round with the momentum. It was at this point that I was bundled into the toilet and told to calm down...

    Mind I was very very drunk...
  11. Lordy! I wish I had seen that!

    Was it still on the car park? And was it a Friday, by any chance?

    Happy, happy days! :)
  12. Damn. I missed that. A few years earlier a compadre did similar honours for one of our less popular Badgemen in there, but connected.

    Which was nice.
  13. quote] Lordy! I wish I had seen that! Was it still on the car park? And was it a Friday, by any chance? Happy, happy days! :)[/quote]

    Unfortunately this was when the Fly had moved down to the compound (is it still there?). I forget what day it was but it may have been a Sunday of all days. We had just come back from Blackpool celebrating a compatriots 21st birthday there (which was another alcohol fuelled blackout). It still being the w/e three of us piled into the Fly to carry on the motion.

    Got to admit that this was my first post within the Corps, and I really do miss finishing early on a Fri and finding the whole of FIU sat in the Fly on the carpark, or ocassionally sat in the car park, discussing the weeks work and rumours before missing dinner and getting ready to go to the NAAFI Bop (Cattle Market). Like you said...happy happy days...
  14. Right have most things sorted now.

    Am looking forward to six months of Hard work