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I'm not sure this is the place (heard that a few times) but I have a strange problem that I'd like to be able to advise my nephew eagles and tabloid journos please read on (we all know you're out there)

Basically he was assaulted by his manager and a security guard at work (he works for a large multinational entertainment group that's not HMV and doesn't get sky one anymore) by hs manager and a security guard. The whole thing was caught on CCTV and he is now being sacked!!!!!

He has a letter admitting that there was an assault, initially he was accused of starting the fight in a statement that was witnessed by someone who was later proved to not even be in the building at the time, this assault charge has now been withdrawn.

Basically he's 17 years old, skint and not living at home (mum and dad working, sister with severe disability so times are not easy) but he has been shafted.....what does he do? I'm leaning towards telling him to go to the press and hoping that he can rasie a solicitor's interest.......any other ideas, experience in this field? This is not a wah in any way, shape or form......
If he is being sacked, then he has the right to see all of the evidence against him. HR should be able to sort this out for him. Also has he been given the benefit of a disciplinary hearing over this whole matter, which should bring all evidence against him and his assailants, so someone can get both sides of the story. They are not allowed by law to just sack someone even for gross misconduct, it all has to go to a disciplinary hearing. If they do, he has grounds for unfair dismissal.
If he was assaulted then he should contact the Police.

Not a lawyer, but don't think he can claim unfair dismissal as <1 yr service and not race discrimination etc
Who owns the CCTV footage? he needs to get a copy pretty quick, under data protection they only have to keep it for 30days. If it were me report the assualt to police give them all the evidence tell them the circumstances and about the CCTV.

Im not a lawyer either but work very closely with the police
Thanks for the advice....pretty much what we've told him but didn't know about the data protection act bit, looks like the clock may be ticking
Go to the police now. File a complaint / charge for assault and press for a minimum of ABH - if he has marks or needed hospital trewatment get a GBH down, if need be back to the doctors or hospital - this all boils down to compensation which he will need if he is going to be without a job. Also..... why are they sacking him??
Got some spot on advice from HR dept at the place were my wife works which may be of interest to anyone in the same situation so i thought i'd share ACAS who will fight the case gratis or put you in direct contact with appropriate solictors etc
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