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Hi all,
I recently moved back from France to join the Army (Hopefully AFC Harrogate), I went to the AFCO to apply and I got the application forms to fill in, I was just wondering, what would be better joining as, Para, CMT, or something else ? I've wanted to go infantry since I was about 5 and it's been my dream since, but I think as a CMT in 16AA I could help the lads more than as a basic squaddie if the shit hits the fan (Especially
with all the IED's) I speak fluent French and I also have the French equivelent of GSCE's but it's pass/fail rather than the English A in Maths ,B in English etc... The recruiter said I was under-aiming as a CMT and I should choose something in the REME, Logistics, Signals, or Engineers, but I've always aspired to be the boots on the ground, on the front-line (And no, not because of yank film, or COD) and after look on the Armyjobs website and looking around, nothing else really jumps out. Also, after I choose my speciality, would I be able to transfer to something else? I know that once you become lance-corporal you can become a Pilot, but is it the same for other trades/corps? I don't want to go into something and regret not choosing the other for 10-20 years.

(Just wondering, why are CMT's held to such a low standard by most of you guys?)

Thanks for the help.
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