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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by connorjohnson, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. Im at college doing BTEC public services, going to join the infantry when I finish the course, probably the rifles. Only reason I'm doing it is to kill time because I wasn't 18 when i started it and my parents can't stand the idea of joining the army, because in my mums words soldiers are cannon fodder. i don't give two shits what they think to be honest, so the second I turn 18/finish the course I'm going to the afco and joining up. I know I can pass barb because college got the navy in to do their version and I got the highest score that the recruiter had ever seen. does anyone have any advice, tips or whatever about what it's like at atc, what day to day life is like once you've done catterick and stuff to do before I join up, like ideal fitness standards, and stuff, because there's a bare minimum or there's a standard that'll see you through with more comfort. at least for the first 2 weeks of catterick and the physical assessment.
  2. H3

    H3 LE

    Read the dozen or so Sticky's on the subject ...... Prepare for some possible incoming ;0)
  3. seeing as it was about 3 different stickies in one it seemed easier to post once than 3 times in different threads, but never mind :)
  4. You can't have got the highest BARB score ever, because I got that, when I was the youngest to ever join, and the first to ever kill anyone - that's I've got a book out in 2 weeks...
  5. if you've read what I wrote, it wasn't a barb, it was the navy's version ... i'm not trying to brag, i'm trying to make the point that I can pass the barb, so I don't need to worry about it
  6. You want to join the infantry. Forget the BARB score and concentrate on your fitness. It will stand you in far better stead. Oh, and be prepared to wait. Going to AFCO the minute you're 18 may still mean at least a year before you're accepted.
  7. i'm going there the second i'm legally able to make my own choices. which i've been able to do for about 2 years, but the law is a pain in the arse. and any thing more specific than just concentrating on my fitness, it is nice to have something to aim towards?
  8. BTEC Public Services?

    I've met people on those courses before. Proper thrusters...and usually the staff aren't the best expectation managers.

    Maybe you should have tried harder at school and gone for an actual qualification from college. Or just gone out to the world of work and got actual life experience (or was the EMA/free money just too much to turn down?). Just because you're aiming for Infantry you shouldn't underestimate the benefit of some non-Micky mouse quals or life experience; bear in mind you'll need to get numeracy and literacy NVQs to even be in with a shout of promoting.

    Anyway, best of luck with the application. Be prepared for a long wait though...
  9. H3

    H3 LE

    Crap Barb result = bottom of the list for a job ..... Their not hard up these days so they can take the best of the bunch .
  10. i'm putting this in a list because i've already written it out once and it was hard for me to read in a massive sentence, so if it sounds like i'm being pissy, I'm not
    -i'm only doing public services because my mate said it was a laugh and you get to do acf (anti military parents won't let me do it otherwise)
    -i didn't try hard at school, but i got an a* matchs gcse, a in science, b in the other science gcse i did, c in spanish, english and french, and a couple of d's and e's
    -i've got a job as a waiter in a hotel restaurant
    -i'm not on ema (which has been cut now actually) or the college's own replacement
    -my tutor at college took one look at the maths result and the navy psychometric score and said that he really wanted to give me an acf rank for the second year (second years ar eelegible for acf ranks) but because I'm not doing the coursework he can't, i do fire cadets and i've been promoted as high as I can go there (1 promotion), so the army will probably forgive the lack of nvq's
    cheers for wishing me luck anyway, it feels like I'll bloody well need it, and yeah, sorry if that sounded pissy, but its a lot simpler to read when i set it out like that
  11. private connor johnson, don't worry about those silly old men - they are old and dried up and haven't really offered you any good advice. At least you'll die knowing you didn't try so hard at school and that it was worth it

    big rifle kisses
  12. you ahven't either though to be honest (and it's rifleman, not private, in the rifles)
  13. Not sure what special advice you are after, check the stickies in the recruitment forums - everything you need or wish to know is in there. If you are after some specific advice then spit it out, if not then join the masses...
  14. as in ideal fitness standards, as in things like___ ona bleep test, ___ press ups in ___ minutes, so on and so forth. saying work at fitness is all very well and good, but I could go and walking, it burns calories and stuff but it's nothing like what you mean
  15. Wedge?
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