Advice for joining the Kings troop

Can anyone out there help shed some light please?

My Fiancee is a natural born horse woman, she grew up around horses and has worked with them since the age of 11.

She is really interested in joining the army but only if it were with the Kings Troop - am i right in thinking that she would have to "join up" before she would know if the kings troop would take her?

Thanks in advance!

I am sure they run on the same lines as The Household Cavalry in which case she could join as a member of Kings Troop.

This answer is available until a better one comes along.
she would join 3 RHA KINGS TROOP...everyone does the same basic training however phase 2 she will be learning to ride horses and care for them etc.. :eek:
She can attend the potential recruits course.
Tell her to ask the careers office to get in touch with the recruiting sgt to find out details of the next one.
This course will allow her to experience life in the troop and also to see if she would be suitable.
Good luck to her BUT she might just think carefully about her real motivation for joining up. Does she want to be a soldier or is it only the horses that interest her? If she goes to the King's Troop and then gets posted somewhere, is she going to be OK about that or will she throw a track? Would she mind terribly doing a tour somewhere hot and sandy some time? And so on.

If she has a problem with that maybe she should work with horses in civvy street instead. Pay's not as good on the outside, but at least she won't get any unpleasant surprises.

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