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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Animus, Apr 19, 2009.

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  1. Evening all,

    I'm after a bit of advice, if I may, on the correct form for writing an introductory letter to a regiment. It is to the Adj of a guards regiment who is the brother of a friend. I've passed main board and will be going to sandbags in sept, so this is the first step in introducing myself formally. What I'd like to know are tips on how to address and word it so as to avoid any faux pas.

    Any pointers appreciated, thanks.
  2. Is this your first contact with the regiment? If so, you should be writing to the Regimental Adjutant at Regimental Headquarters, not the Battalion Adjutant.
  3. Everything you need to write a letter is contained in JSP 101 (Defence writing). Even for civvies it contains some useful notes for formal letter writing, and shows initiative if you make the effort.

    JSP 101

    However, it is just a guide, dont get bogged down in it, it can unnessarily complicate things.
    hope that helps

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  4. Jorrocks, yes it is my first contact with the regiment, although "my name is known" by the Adj and recruiting officer (?) due to my friend mentioning my interest. I'll have to check whether he is the Regiment or Battalion Adj, but I think I shall write to him regardless due to the previous mention.

    Thanks Heroforhelp, I'll make good use of that.
  5. The Regtl Adjt in a Foot Guards Regt is usually a retired Lt Col and is the one who handles all officer recruiting. The Recruiting Officer deals specifically with soldier recruiting.
  6. These types of questions are regularly asked, and regularly answered, on the Arrsepedia, and on the "Regular Officer Recruiting" forum - please use them.

    Wondering why I and others get annoyed when you don't? Look here -


  7. What's rattled you tonight? You are normally v polite with these bone repetitive questions.
  8. Nope, not rattled. But given that 11 of the 21 threads on the forum's first page were recruiting related I was trying to politely but firmly point the nervous CSgt-fodder to the relevant forum where they won't disrupt our dead important chats about... erm... free-masonry, PoW check, and suitable officer names.

    Given your response, and Barbs', I obviously failed on the first aspect... apologies if I sounded unecessarily tart.

    I bear no grudge against the posters, and I'm happy to help where I can. I'm just bored of seeing the forum clog up, blotting out the few really interesting threads.

    I may have even been in their place at some point... although I prefer to believe that I lepoard-crawled from the womb, sprang to attention, reported smartly to the doctor and amended the bed's hospital corners before doubling away smartly, with my umbilical cord wrapped around my waist for use as a toggle rope.

    But then I remember that I had 21 blissful years of life between my first borth, and my second at RowCo. :D

  9. This will tell you a certain type of letter writing style but not what to write in a letter of introduction. It is only for typed letters and a letter of introduction should be handwritten (unless you are an LE ;)) or SNCO). If you do have trouble spelling, make sure you check it first and also get a buddy to read it for content.

    I agree with all of the other advice on who to write to though. For a letter of introduction when you join your Regt/ Bn, the best bet is to get info from RMAS and also speak to PCD/ YO's staff.

  10. Sod letters on family heraldic paper text the old buffer
  11. That is actually what the Royal Regiment of Scotland are doing. I received a nice congratulatory txt after passing my briefing and even more suprising was that I'd found out I'd passed main board from a txt through them!

    Thanks for the other advice.

    MODs please move this if its cluttering up the main board.
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