advice for an Ex ATC cadet hoping to become an ACF AI

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Ethers, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Guys, I've been with the ATC for 6 years as a cadet, achived the rank of flight sergeant, I've moved to a new city for Uni and hope to join my local ACF detachment. I'm meeting the local Coy Commander tomorrow night to chat a few things over - not entirely sure what that'd entail, any ideas?

    I'm eager to get back into uniform and start helping cadets out again, hence my reason for choosing the ACF over the ATC, I'd have to wait until i'm 21 (I'm 19)

    I've read up on the training process and I'm keen to crack on as soon as possible. Any adivce as to which path i should follow, AI or Officer?

    And how much of a problem will it be that i'm a student, i.e. having to move 230 miles away three times a year to go home.

    Any advice welcome.

  2. Most new instructors to the ACF will start off as Civilian Instructors until their CRB check and references are through and validated. After that you'll most likely be given the nod for uniform, where you'll hold the rank of Potential Instructor. You'll have to attend a few courses before you'll be promoted to Sergeant Instructor. Once you're an SI, there are more courses which allow movement up the rank structure.

    Most Counties don't allow you to go straight in as an Officer so they can get to know you and see if you're Officer material. There'll be people here who'll be able to fill you in in more detail on that branch of the ACF.

    For me, being a student, it didn't pose much of a problem; just make sure you get your assignments done before their deadlines, especially if you have a training weekend or two coming up. I'm 150 miles from my 'home', but that made no difference either; most Counties are in desperate need of AIs.
  3. Good stuff! I've heard horror stories about the time it takes for the CRB to come through, longest i've heared is around 6 months.
  4. Mine took six months to come through, but do expect longer as there were CIs with me who were still waiting for theirs, who joined the same time I did, when I got mine through.
  5. 6 months, wonderful :roll:

    what is the expected dress of a CI? Shirt and trousers?
  6. Depends on your county; CIs were I am may wear S95 trousers with coy t-shirt, working belt, combat boots and a warm jacket/pullover. Best to check with your Coy CO.
  7. If you're at University why aren't you applying to join the OTC?
  8. Or the TA local unit? to help with the SU bar.
  9. I imagine i'm going to get asked that tonight woopert, I did apply for the OTC (and UAS for that matter) in October, i passed the initial interview and my name was put into a hat to be selected by a sort of lottery. but owing to the high number of aplicants i wasn't successful.

    I'm rather excited for tonight now, I'll let you all know how it goes!

    anymore advice, warnings or pearly words of wisdom at this stage would be good!
  10. Make sure you ask you referees for a copy of the references they do for you!
  11. eeeermm... normal selection procedure for all OTCs:

    1. Initial presentation evening with brief PULHEEMS medical, filling in forms, measured up for kit to save time later on if successful, interview, bar avec copius beers with joining instruction in your mits for:

    2. Selection weekend that runs in the same way as a mini-AOSB;

    3. Successful applicants attested on Sun afternoon, unsuccessful applicants whisked off on early bus while every one else breaks camp and does admin. Successful aplicants put on payroll and paid for selection w/end.

    Methinks you biffed because you tried joining two units and both rejected you because either one will be looking for a commitment that appears lacking. My advice is get down the the local TA unit join up for a year then apply to transfer to OTC in 2nd year.
  12. the ACF is an equally worthwhile organisation, in spite of the biffs, which you will get anywhere.
  13. It would be worthwhile if he were a good few years older and had done some time in the Army to pass on the benefit of some real experience. He could then talk from first hand about weapons, tactics, skill at arms, and life in the mob rather than pretending to be an authority based on nothing more than what he had heard. I said based on nothing more than he had HEARD!

    At his age, and in Uni, there should be no reason to want to join as an AI when the TA and, more pertinently, the OTC are avialable to him.
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

  15. you will learn (and earn) far more at uni out of the TA or the OTC (even if you have to wait a year to reapply) than you will in the ACF, when you graduate the join the ACF who will get more out of the experience you bring them.