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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Mr.Bojangles, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys, Im going to the ADSC soon hopfully, and want to really be prepared, Im topping up my fitness with a mile and half run every night and rest at the weekends, but I want to be prepared for the other things suck as the Ice-Breaker and Command Tasks, So any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks.
  2. ice breaker should have been given a sheet paper with bullet points on topics to cover just talk clearly dont mumble stutter ect... know your job choices you will be quizzed on the basics.

    team task all about communication enthusiasm and organization. get a set plan for the tasks push the team along be loud good luck
  3. I just did my adsc (and thankfully passed) i found one thing that made it alot easier is talking to the other guys on the course before the icebreaker and getting to know them a bit really helps your nervs before icebreaker and teamtasks.

    other than that be positive outgoing wen needed and quiet at the right times.
    And get the nco's ranks correct couple of guys got blasted for getting them wrong.
  4. what kind of info do you need to know about your job choices i know quite alot about the reg i want just asking incase the is something i dont
  5. selection center to pass that be loud in the team tasks try get the other lads involved, try and lead the team because the army is all about team work and leadership, give 110% on your mile and half, when u have your final interview shake the officers hand and always end in sir be polite ask how he is etc and if you know what core and regiment u plan on going for do abit of revision because the last thing you want is the pen pusher to ask you why you want to join the regiment and what you know of the current affairs going on in the regiment today.

    use this link below for any fitness guidelines to get upto scratch

    am sure you will do fine if you want it bad enough,