Advice for a wannabe Para

Hello all,

Newly joined here, if anyone can answer a couple of questions for me I'd really appreciate it.

Alongside working in the City I play Number 8 for a semi-professional rugby team; at 6'4 and 19 stone I'm a fair bit larger than your average soldier. I'm not fat by any standards, my fitness and overall strength are good however I'm not very proficient at pull-ups, climbing up ropes, that sort of thing.

Obviously this isn't ideal considering my choice of regiment, so I'm here to see if anyone has any advice for me - if I concentrate on bodyweight exercises and try and drop a stone or two, will that be enough? I'll never be a 13-stone whippet like a lot of the boys in the Paras seem to be, but are there notable exceptions to this on the boards who might want to spur me on?

Have a good weekend all, thanks for reading.

Climbing ropes and upper body strength is for the marines mate. We just tab everywhere. Lose a bit of weight and you'll be fine. Just by running longer distances you should lose weight as long as your diets nailed as I'm sure you know. Lots of big ******* in the Regt anyway mate. Good luck.
Cheers for that, just what I wanted to hear, I just wasn't sure if there were any ropes or other shit in the Trainasium that might make me look silly!

Thanks for the good wishes, I've got my initial meeting with an ACA next week so I'll probably be back with more questions after that...

All the best, JK
Got an appointment on the 12th to see an ACA in Aldershot... the chap on the phone advised me that at 26 I may be a bit older than what an infantry regiment will be looking for. I hope this isn't a hard and fast rule as I'm a lot fitter than your average 26 year-old City boy! Will just have to go for it and see what happens.
As long as you've got what it takes, your age will not bar you. Recruiters will try and poach you for other units. Just stand your ground and tell them it's Para Regt you've got your heart set on. Hope to see you in one of the battalions next year!
Thanks mate good advice that's exactly what I'll do, no point in being anywhere but the pointy end if you ask me! All the best, sure I'll be back with more questions. JK
I phoned the Careers Office today to confirm my appointment for the 12th as I hadn't received the email, and the chap tells me that he has just taken over the job today and there is no record of me ever making such an appointment! The earliest I can now get is the 31st, which is rather annoying as I'm not getting any younger.


Don't get to worried about that. It'll take a min of a year for you to go through westbury to rmas if you pass all first time. And word off warning, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Have a look at other regiments as the last half of inters is a shitty place to be if you don't have a regiment and all your muckers do. Good luck.


Don't worry about the age thing, its largely bollocks from my (relatively modest - just finished inters) experience, if you're good enough they'll take you.
Be aware the Paras are the most competitive regiment, a friend of mine was second in the platoon and he didn't make the cut.
Physically you sound strong, but be aware it doesn't contribute to your overall performance as much as you might think - thats what I found.
Good luck with it all

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