Advice for a newbie/beginner to recruitment.

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Ok so I've probably applied for the army about 4 times in my life, everytime something got in the way. Its my 5th time now and I am determined to do this or die trying (meh counter-productive?). Anyway i'd like to hear some advice from those just starting out in the fitness area of things. I am very unfit upper body strength wise, and can make 600m run without collapsing. Yes I fully admit I am a weakling *at the moment* I do not intend to stay this way (but i'm not a fatty, i'm just unfit).

Everyone starts somewhere right?
What can people advise fitness wise? What motivation methods did you use?
Did you go all out straight away or started small and made you way up?

I know what is required of me, and I will make it eventually....with a little advice and help. I kinda wanna hear from those that made it and started out in this position, and from trainers themselves and their advice for me... :3
applying myself mate, i play rugby but my fitness isnt the best..bit heavy if you get me! This is how i've got into the more 'army fit' way;

Best advice i can offer is get out running as it seems to be the most important! Preferably on grass to be easy on the knees. Start off doing a mile build it up, then set yourself targets for your 1.5Mile time, improving as you do and noting them down. As you improve to longer runs to improve your endurance. Swimming and playing a sport can also help your cardio fitness.

For press ups, sit ups and pullups start off doing a few sets of 10, then 20, build it up, then test yourself for as many as possible in 2 mins. Again build these up and try to smash your targets every few weeks. This was a bit easier for me having decent strength from rugby and going to the gym.

I havent even got as far as selection etc. so obviously i dont know much about the stuff done in the army or at training, but this is what i've done myself and it works for me after a while, vary it up to keep it interesting.
Setting targets and working towards them, write them down to monitor your progress. You should see a sharp increase in fitness the first few weeks if you don't do much at the mo.


Biggest piece of advice I can give you is to use the search function or the stickies.
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