Advice for a new soldier in the REME


Just a quick look-see, for advice for my boy who wants to be a VM in the REME- A or B Mech?

Any serious advice would be appreciated. i.e. Tiff stuff, Cdo or Para options etc.

He boxes for the county and is a good standard of football- best units?

If you have any bollox to give, go to the NAAFI and vomit there! Cheers.
I think you'll get a reply from every trade on that question :)

As an ex-metalsmith gone Tiffy weapons I'd say go with what interests him, if he likes making stuff, go metalsmith or armourer, if he's interested in cars go VM (A or B, they're equaly bad in my eyes ;) )

Aviation is a good move too, if he is bright enough to be a VM, he should consider Aircraft Tech, if he likes electronics then go Avionics.

The main thing is, if he gets a trade, and sticks with it for a few years he'll get civilian recognised qualifications, so if the army gets boring he can get a decent civvy job.
Hope this helps, without upsetting too many people...
Nothing to add to that and spot on.

I would add that VM is generally considered not the best trade for civvy street. Nothing wrong with VM's, but in civvy street mechanics are now ten a penny, while engineers and metal workers, i.e. metalsmiths/armourers, command quite a good wage and are sought after.

Para and All Arms-----all very well and good fun, but he could end up stuck there and no promo if they like him. They like to retain their REME attachments as long as they can.

Nearly forgot too, if he is into sport, but especially boxing and football, he would have to go to school or try and get with a battalion that does that. The Kings are nuts at both and really good, but it's a long shot he'd end up with them.
Arborfield have good footy teams and have recently taken a greater interest in boxing. The electronics technician trades now get HNC for Class 1 course and a degree on completion of Artificer course. It may be worth trying to arrange a visit for your son which could include a presentation on what the courses entail.
Tech trades are moving training to Portsmouth from Arborfield in the near future. All about rationalisation and cost saving etc. Not sure about the future for Bordon and VM etc trg.
Contact one of the recruiting teams attached to REME Battalions & ask if he can get a work attachment or similar to see where his interests/abilities lie.

Good luck, encourage all his mates too!

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